WorthPlaying Review: Disgaea DS

WorthPlaying: "From the beginning of Disgaea DS, the story line is hardly your standard fare. You're the demon prince Laharl, and you've decided to take a nice little snooze to regain the energy you need to torture lost souls or whatever it is that demon princes do, when you're awoken by gunshots and stabbings and such. Etna, your father's retainer, has been trying to awaken you with instruments of mass destruction (or so she claims) and give you some bad news. Your nap has run long … two years long, to be specific. In the interim, your father has kicked the bucket and gone to wherever it is that demon kings go when they die, and the entire realm has fallen into chaos without its late king. Without a moment's pause to grieve (let's remember, you are evil), you set about the task of reclaiming your kingdom through the oldest and most sacred of methods: overwhelming force!"

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