Why Activision is Becoming Evil

Slashgamer writes: "Yes ladies and gentlemen, you have read that correctly. Kotick and Activision seems like they are possibly looking into ways for us, the consumer; to purchase songs that fellow gamers created. I'm sorry but this is crap. Its crap because us gamers are creating these songs for free. The only reason for any company to charge gamers for DLC isn't just because they want to JUST make money, but because companies pay to develop the content. And with music games - companies need to also pay record companies to license off the music they use."

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NJShadow3630d ago

More and more it seems like Activision is becoming EA (the bad, sequel happy EA) while EA is actually starting to get better again if that makes any sense. =)

Gerry3630d ago

agree EA has changed lately. They sure surprised me. Now they need to stop forcing people to buy the same sports games every year (maybe release FIFA, NBA, NHL etc. every 2 to 3 years) then they are 100% changed for the good in my books.

kesvalk3630d ago

i need to remember the spore thing?

that was ridiculous, don't blind yourself, EA is a crap...

CrippleH3630d ago

Yeah I seen this coming I been calling them evil or bad for months now.