Fallout 3 - 4.7 million copies ($300 million) shipped in launch week.

Bethesda announced that its hit title, Fallout 3 has enjoyed record sales at launch, reflecting the huge consumer demand for the game. Approximately 4.7 million units of Fallout 3 were shipped worldwide last week for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Games for Windows representing retail sales in excess of $300 million.

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heyheyhey3665d ago

damn that's pretty huge... might pick up the PC version a bit later

GrieverSoul3665d ago

Is anyone here reading?!
It didnt sell 4.7 million copies, it shipped to retail stores 4.7 million copies! It doesn´t mean they will all sell out, okay?! I honestly hope they do! I havent bought the game yet but a friend of mine as it and he is amazed by it. I will wait for him to finish and borrow it! lol

rroded3665d ago

and its selling like hotcakes! Hope EA is taking notes if its a solid game it will sell.

Aquanox3665d ago

I'm leaning to agree with GrieverSoul. I mean, Fallout was poised to be one of the biggest sellers of the year, but 4.7 million units in 1 week? That's insane. Not even GTA pulled that off.

heyheyhey3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )


shipped figures are also very important... they directly represent how much money the producer of the product has made, which in this case is over $300mil... that's pretty huge

besides... shipped units will inevitably sell out eventually... they always do


1 week, 1 month, 1 year... it doesn't really matter.. the publisher still makes the same amount of the shipment

speed of retail sales is only important for increasing demand for new shipments

and i agree with you Aquanox.... the launch for the game is unexpectedly huge

Aquanox3665d ago


GTA IV DID surpass that, but not by a long shot. Other than that, there's no other game that come close to that(Halo 3 sold 3.8M in 1 week... one console only btw)

It's true that the units would sell out eventually, but probably not in 1 week.

If these news were true, then this would be the second biggest launch of all time. Quite hard to believe considering the genre.

solidt123665d ago

That's Amazing. Fallout 3 FTW!

GoldenBoy3665d ago

Glad to see you corrected yourself on GTA IV. But I still think you are worng on the long shot. If I remember correctly it sold about 3.5M on day 1 and 6.5M for the first week. 1.8M difference is pretty big if you ask me. Regardless of that you are right in that only a few games can turn in a performance like this so fast. I mean MGS4 (game I love) just reported 4.33m in total sales in 5 months. Fallout beat that in 1 week.

I am happy for Bethesda though and am looking forward to picking the game up but am waiting to see what the 360 DLC will look like (I have a PS3 preference for my gaming) because if the DLC is good I will get that version,

Has anyone heard if the 360 DLC could come out as a disc version for the PS3?

Aquanox3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

For me, GTA IV, the most anticipated title of all time - not necessarily in the long run - only selling 27% more than Fallout 3 in the first week is inconceivable.

Only two games have comparable hype, GTA IV and Halo 3 (which sold much more if you take either Xbox 360 or PS3 sales only) and the reason is because those are games that appeal to both casuals and hardcores, and are massively publicized in the media.

Fallout 3 doesn't have any of those characteristics. It's heavily hardcore oriented and doesn't nearly enjoy the kind of marketing behind Halo and GTA IV. Therefore, I'm struggling to find a reason as of how in the world did this game get such unbelievable sales numbers.


Ok, I can confirm now the obvious. These are "Sold to stores" numbers. Not sold to customers.

This article tells us that Fallout 3 is selling 60% faster than Oblivion.

So, how did Oblivion do?

To date, it has sold around 2.5 million units, through Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Considering Oblivion sold about 1.7 million units in the launch month, then Fallout 3 should be at around 1 million by now. (first week) Not bad at all, but certainly a long shot from the 4.7 million some people though from this article.

Now the question is how long will it take for the game to sell out those 4.7 million units. If the trend vs Oblivion continues, it could take a whole year.

Aquanox3664d ago


54% of the sales in Xbox 360. Outselling the combined version of PS3 and PC.

It seems that being the best version in consoles has decided the fate of this game. Piracy, on the other hand, keeps killing PC gaming.

led10903664d ago

btw those 55% that u r talkin bout....thats only for the UK....gosh.....i just cant believe how fast rumours spread.....'pc gaming dying'.....thats total bs....the source for that article is give that site a visit once and everything will be clear.....its only for the UK

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Fishy Fingers3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

This was submitted 45 minutes ago. Do people look for duplicates? "Fallout 3: $300 Million Launch Week"

Ve3tro3665d ago

It must of been submitted within seconds of each other, there was no dupes when I checked before submitting.

Fishy Fingers3665d ago

Over 50 minutes between them, the original was approved before yours was even in pending, hence the reason I reported it in pending over 45 minutes ago.

blooodFrenzy923665d ago

i love when great games get the praise they deserve. fallout 3 is truely amazing

m-s-8-23665d ago

I have the game sitting next to my ps3. Dont want to touch it just yet. I have a 2 week vacation after Thanksgiving. It's been rough :/

Pennywise3665d ago

I wouldnt touch it until the trophy patch is released.

m-s-8-23665d ago

Are they implementing them some time soon? I also have Valkyria Chronicles and Fable 2 to get around to and wanted to do Fallout first.

Lucreto3665d ago


I am also waiting for trophies. I preordered it online and it dispatched early last week and it is still not here.

I will be playing LBP until that time.

Pennywise3665d ago

They announced it is happening. I would assume being it was 360 lead ported to the PS3, they implementation of these trophies from achievements should not take long.

Either way, to spend all the time beating the game it is cool to have something to show for it.

solidt123665d ago

There is no way in the world I was going to wait for trophies. I rather play the game now and just miss out on trophies for Fallout 3. I still have Dead Space, LBP and several other games that have trophies so I am not worried about my trophies.

Diamondwolf3665d ago

That's exactly why I am waiting for Trophies

I have a ton of other games to play so I have no reason not to. I played about 3 hours in and I will regret starting over if I get any further.

Until the trophy patch is in, I will be running through Dead Space, LBP, Fable 2, GeoW2, Resistance 2, still working on Burnout Trophies, uncharted platinum and Pixel Junk Monsters (god forbid next week because of Mirror's Edge) *sighs happily*

Most fun on a console in a long time, and at the same time, waaaayyy too many games to play.

bunbun7773665d ago

who appreciates trophies, I can confidently say that the enjoyment I get from playing Fallout 3 is not worth waiting for trophies. When the patch does come, I will still be playing the game, it's the game, not the trophies, that will continue to occupy my time.

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Capt CHAOS3665d ago

This is the game to get and it's multi-platform. End of story.

And who cares if it runs better on your console. How do you know? You don't have the other console!

if you have both then shut-up, you have nothing to complain about in that case.

</end of rant>

PopEmUp3665d ago

thank god u in this zone, cause look at you being an xbot seem to be very hard for you, I guess it's a tough job :P

Capt CHAOS3665d ago

Damn, I forgot to cover that scenario in my rant!

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