IncGamers: Persona 3 FES Review

IncGamer's Spanner Spencer looks at the "director's cut" of the Japanese RPG which includes an epilogue called "The Answer".

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Maticus3664d ago

This game looks awesome, nice review.

joemayo763664d ago

FES is a great game :D

can't wait Persona 4 comes out here in less then a month :)

thetamer3664d ago

this looks pretty good. I like the idea of having as many women to date as possible. If you were a muslim, you can have four wives anyway, so maybe I'll look into that.

martynmj3664d ago

Looks like a fun game ;D

Dorjan3664d ago

The Japanese just make better games!

Homicide3664d ago

This game is a 10. Quite arguable one of the most innovative and best JRPGs to hit the PS2. Can't wait for Persona 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.