Konami Q2,2009 report. MGS4 sells 4.33 million units worldwide

Konami has released their fiscal report for the second quarter of 2008 ending on 30th September. Konami has sold 400,000 copies of MGS4 during the 3 month quarter.

-----------------------IN BILLIONS OF YEN

-------------------------FY08 - Q2 FY09 - Q2 FY08 - Forecast
Net Revenues--------133.7 - 146.9 - 297.4 - 330.0
Operating Income----13.0 - 22.8 - 33.8 - 45.0
Income Before
Income Taxes--------13.1 - 22.4 - 32.8 - 44.5
Net Income----------6.3 - 12.0 - 18.3 - 26.0

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pwnsause3662d ago

and its going to sell more over the holidays

pp3662d ago

Is that all Make way xbox360 versoin in coming soon.

aaron233662d ago

and stop calling Gears 2 goty

u know it very well that it has no chance against LBP/GTA4 and MGS4
LBP.MGS4 and GTA4 have better review average than Gears 2

PirateThom3662d ago

The funny thing is, that's only 0.3 million less than Gears of War.

A game that has been out 2 years longer.

And the PS3 still has a smaller install base.

Gears of War 3 for PS3 - confirmed.

Danja3662d ago

I bet they're gonna find some way to spin what you just said..

I expect a lil sales bump for this game during the holidays..

Vecta3662d ago

MGS4 had 3 previous games in its series to get loyal followers... the original Gears of War didnt have that luxury yet it still sold very well for a new IP...

Why bring it up.

Shane Kim3662d ago

But Gears had the luxury to launch when there was no PS3 and no games on xbox.

Danja3662d ago

I hope you know that MGS4 has sold more than MGS3

Kush_Reaper3662d ago

Your mum will be making me cum soon. Aww did i make you cry. Actually she was such a dead root she couldn't even manage to get me up lol.

Rhythmattic3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

'm guessing you know when yours mums on her periods because your Dads DlCK tastes funny.

OMG... Yep, i've definitely dropped to your level.... (Pun INTENDED)

ReTarDedFisHy3661d ago

what's funny are the hopeful "agrees" to pp's comment. lmfao. desperate bots.

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PirateThom3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

That means it's now the best selling PS3 game.

Also, bonus points for using the old school Konami wave logo.

Socom3662d ago

Thats MGS4 will sell 5 million copies by the end of this year...

And the fanboys laughed.

Now what? Im always right.

Why o why3662d ago

but yep mgs4 is a double success both technically and financially

Danja3662d ago

I dont think he cares actually besides his writing pattern never changes ..^.^

This game is most deserving to be called the best selling PS3 game...

StephanieBBB3662d ago

Are they waiting for the 10 million units checkpoint until they will consider it?

Rock Bottom3662d ago

But kotaku said MGS4 didn't sell no Sh1t!!!! :(

jaysquared3662d ago

Not bad but didn't halo3 sell this much in a week? or was it in a hour?

Socom3662d ago

Its getting pretty old seeing how everyone accusses everyone of being Nasim. Just stfu and bend over.

Why o why3662d ago

if ur not nasim and your history doesnt go back as far as your statement then who the fcuk were/are you then and how would we know it was you saying whatever you joker. You bend over

gaffyh3662d ago

They say that MGS4 has sold 3.36 million worldwide, almost 1 million less than the real total

SL1M DADDY3662d ago

Especially considering that the most any MGS has sold is around 5.5 to 6 million in it's entire life on the shelves. That means by the years end we will be nearly matched to that number and throughout next year we will see it be the most sold in the series.

SonyOwnsNextYear3662d ago

hmmmmmm, could it be that people are not jumping in....instead they are playing beyond?

the tides have been turning, take my words and remember them:

by this time next year, sonys sales will be more than microsofts Shipments+ rrod replacements put together

Socom3662d ago

I dont have to explain to you who I am. But trust me, Im not Nasim, so point that accussing finger sowhere else, boy.

MGS4 will sell 5 million copies by the end of this year whether you like it or not. OWNED

solidt123661d ago

Sweet, With another push this holiday maybe MGS4 can sell 5 million. It is truly a next gen AAA game that Pushes video gaming to a new level.

Why o why3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

huh? are u young or something

check this out. I want it to sell more than 5 million umkaaay. Liking it or not has nothing to do with it. I asked how WE could tell you said something centuries ago if the account you saying this from is only weeks old that's all and for all i know you could be riding somebody else's d!ck so if you cant say who u were u shouldt make claims about what you allegedly said umkaaaay AGAIN im happy for its sales and think it WILL sell more especially since a demo has just been released. I wont call you NASIM ill just call you PoG instead cause you's two are 2 peas in a pod.

XxZxX3661d ago

PS3 sell games in steady pace.
XBOX 360 sell games in short burst.

so much for the PS3 can't sell games crap

yaboi3661d ago

it was really great!
im glad to know that kojima is getting the sells his game deserved.

calis3661d ago

Gotta laugh at people saying MGS4 was a flop, didn't sell. Wasn't good.

It was a massive success critically and financially. This should ensure MGS4 stays PS3.

dantesparda3661d ago

"1.4 - And still no freaking trophies for MGS4...
Are they waiting for the 10 million units checkpoint until they will consider it?"

Im with you a 100 percent, where the fvck are the trophies Konami!? come on, stop being cheap!

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Why o why3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

go play if you've haven't already. Real REAL effort, time and passion got put into MGS4. Well done to Kojima and team.
Sales can only be spurred further by the recent release of the demo

Final_Rpg3662d ago

I can't believe people own a ps3 and don't own MGS4... DISGRACE.

thereapersson3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I guess that's contrary to the people who said that this game was a "flop sales-wise".

Congratulations to Kojima Productions! They really deserve it after the hard work they put into this masterpiece.


I laugh at the fanboys who worry so much about sales numbers and reviews. Unless you idiots are on the (respective) company payroll, the only thing that matters is how a company alone perceives the impact of a piece of software in the market, and how it affects their bottom line. Crusading on the internet gets people nowhere.

InMyOpinion3662d ago

It's also contrary to the fanboys who proclaimed the release of MGS4 as "Judgement Day" for the 360. =)

thereapersson3662d ago

You and I both know that those are ridiculously asinine claims, not to be taken seriously at all.

Calling a game a "flop" when it's clearly not, is another example. I just figured I'd shed a little light on the situation... :)

Why o why3662d ago

fanboys saying that or MS executives saying something about a 'Perfect Storm'??

InMyOpinion3662d ago

All games that don't get perfect scores are being considered flops by fanboys lol!

@Why o Why - I'm not familiar with the "perfect storm" claim. Do you have a link? Executives are always good for a laugh =)

thereapersson3662d ago

I know, the flop bullsh1t is way out of hand. It's obvious some people never grow up...

Why o why3662d ago

no biggie though and yep they do say some funny things;)

r2kcipher3661d ago

that perfect storm crap was so cheesy!!

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