Crysis Warhead: High-res texture mod versus original graphics

PCGH shows some comparative screenshots of a high-res texture mod for Crysis Warhead. The mod is made by the modder Rygel.

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bumnut3663d ago

looks great

unlike my chances of been able to run it!

gta444443663d ago

i didnt see any big diferences??

bumnut3663d ago

i see that the textures appear to have more depth.

the roads look much nicer

Perjoss3663d ago

"i didnt see any big diferences??"

should have gone to specsavers.

TheIneffableBob3663d ago

Yeah, it gives more depth to everything. It looks far better than the previous high-res texture mods.

kevnb3663d ago

Too bad the game still feels like its one generation ahead of current video cards.

Nikkelz3663d ago

wow,just imagine for a second that either the ps3 or xbox 360 were able to run these great graphics....not saying that the console graphics are weak in any way(because compared to last gen these games for the consoles look fantastic)but just imagine for a second


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