PlayStation Store Update JPN - 6 november

PS3-Sense posted up the full list of the PlayStation Store Update in Japan, which is live right now. Here is the full list:

Adhoc Party for the PSP

Playable Demo's
Metal Gear Solid 4 (1407MB)
Chuumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai (PSP-30MB)
Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha (PSP-60MB)

Game content
LittleBigPlanet Rare Week 1 T-shirt (¥500)

Game video's
Bayonetta TGS 2008 Trailer
Soul Calibur IV Promotional Video

Themes and Wallpapers
Bounen no Xamdou Theme


List has been updated in the post!

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Kingsora3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Huh what a MGS4 demo???

Forbidden_Darkness3692d ago

i had to read that over like five times before i believed what i saw, i had no clue a demo was coming for it.

pwnsause3692d ago

Right now Im in the JPN store and I can confirm that there is a MGS4 Demo in the store.

Rob0g0rilla3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I wonder if the US store will get MGS4 demo. I wouldn't be surprised. Good for anyone who isn't sure about purchasing it.

Rob0g0rilla3692d ago

Maybe these guys think a demo before the release of the game would hurt sales. Who knows but only a couple months late lol.

heyheyhey3692d ago

woah.. that came out the blue

hope this will convince the PS3 owners who haven't bought the epic masterpiece that is MGS4 to buy it

Atomic3692d ago

can you select English subs in the Japanese demo?

Arsenal4Ever3692d ago

MGS4 demo huh? Well i haven't bought the game yet so i'll try it.

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