Seven PS3 games in top 15 of most wanted games in Japan

The Japanese magazine Famitsu organizes each week a poll among Japanese gamers with what games they prefer to have. Of course, Final Fantasy XIII is still number 1 but there are also 6 other PS3 games in their top 15. Very noticeable when you know that the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii sold much more in Japan. Click on read more for the full top 15.

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pp3663d ago

Theirs no game which can help save Sony in japan and thats the sad truth.

xBot Lemmings3663d ago

Another retarded comment by Pee Pee nothing new...

by the way :


aaron233663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

GOTY will be among LBP/GTA4/MGS4

all those games scored more than Gears 2
Gears 2 is just another mediocre game

PS3 will outsell x360 10:1 when Gundam Musou is launched in Japan
It outsold x360 6:1 last week

when WKS is launched in Japan PS3 will outsell x360 100:1

and 200:1 when FF13 is launched on ps3 in Japan next year

Danja3663d ago

All the PS3 needs is software that will interest japanese gamers...for hardware sales to increase...

WKC should help out alot....can't wait for it to release state side...

thereapersson3663d ago

The PS3 copy of GTA IV sold over 100,000 copies, and shot the PS3 back up to 3rd place, behind the PSP and the DS. I totally agree - the PS3 just needs the software to get people to buy the PS3. The demand is already there...

Socom3663d ago

No surprises here because PS3 has the best games line up ever seen. GTA4 is now out in Japan, as is LBP and Valkyria. Soon WKC and HOME will be released as well. PS3 is going nowhere but UP in Japan.

SonyOwnsNextYear3662d ago

Reminds me of the ps2 and ps1 scenario:

everyone sayst the ps3 is doomed, but everyone wants one and its exclusives

prowiew3662d ago

japanese games are getting weaker and weaker. Only capcom is steping up with lost planet, dead rising and resident evil. Im worried about japan.

barom3662d ago

Japan has good taste, Yakuza 3, FF13 games, White Knight Chronicles, they all will be great

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xBot Lemmings3663d ago

The 360 is finished in Japan

now disagree with me X-T.....

Ooooooooooooops wrong zone but hey does it make any difference

ablecain3663d ago

How come Dragon Quest IX is on there twice?

Either way, it's no secret that the Japanese really couldn't care less about the 360. It's sold well recently there, but quite frankly, a new Tales game will do that in Japan.

And on a personal note, I'm starting to not care about the 360 as well. My roommates new 360 just red-ringed on us for the 3rd time since the start of the school year (and Microsoft wants us to pay for it). What a joke of a console.

thereapersson3663d ago

I'm sorry to hear that, dude. The 360 has a great games selection, but it's a shame the system has so many reliability issues.

maruchan27six3662d ago

One of the those "Dragon Quest IX"s must be a misspell.Should be Dragon Quest VI for the NDS.I bet its the 5th place one.

JasonXE3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

4 out of 7 are multiplatform in japan.

sinncross3663d ago

Wow, last remnant for 360 has fallen off the to 15 leaving SO4 as their only hope.
I have a feeling if SO4 was for PS3 is cud be even higher on that lis.t. I mean look at Last Remnant PS3.. its not only above SO4 but Versus 13 and WKC, the latter being a big JRPG for Sony.

Though im curious as to why DQ9 for NDS is both 2 and 5... and im really surprised at Yakuza 3 being high.. GTA must really help interest in the Japanese GTA-esque title... maybe it will no longer be that niche title... good for SEGA and good for Sony.

Maybe if it sells well SEGA will continue some PS3 exclusive love... Yakuza is a fun series and Valkyria Chonicles is excellent!

All in all, a good sign for Sony... maybe PS3 sales will begin to pick up after the GTA4/ LBP/ GT:PS3 week and remain constant for a while.

Kush_Reaper3663d ago

Don't worry yourself too much. When all SE games on the 360 flop in japan they will come back to their senses and crowl back to the console brand that helped make them who and what they are now.


Captain_Sony3662d ago

I dont see that happening Kush. They might go back to Sony but they wont go back to Nintendo and anyone but a fanboy knows that it was Nintendo that got them to where they are today.. Sony wasnt even around for them to put the first Final Fantasy on and if you know anything about Sqaure you'd know that it was meant to be their last game but thanks to NEs they were still around to run to Sony.

Myze3662d ago

While Nintendo definitely got Sqaresoft off the ground in it's early days, until FF7 they had not broken through in any market but Japan. FF6, while I think a superior game to 7, never broke a million sells in the US. FF7 on the otherhand obviously did, and is undeniably the reason Squenix is one of the biggest video game companies in the world. So stating that Square owes more to Nintendo or Sony, either way, doesn't work.

Nintendo screwed over Square, somewhat, by not releasing the N64 in CD format, and Sony has never done something similar. However, Squenix is not the same company as in the past and their games in the last few years have proven that.

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