Bungie and Microsoft Drifting Apart - Exclusive Interview

"A tense relationship between the companies is opening the door to the PS3 and more…"

In an interview with Gameplayer, Halo 3 community lead Brian Jarrard has spoken about a fallout in the relationship between Bungie and Microsoft and how the two companies are beginning to drift apart.

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ablecain3538d ago

But even so, Bungie is undoubtedly talented, so this couldn't be bad news for PS3 owners

Fox013538d ago

Bungie better work things out with Microsoft coz all advertising and publishing of their games are done by Microsoft. The only reason why Halo 3 sold 8 million plus was because Microsoft spent a lot of money advertising the game. Bungie is half dead without Microsoft and so is Microsoft btw.

Megatron083538d ago

if you actually had read the interview you'd know that the quote doesnt come from there. The quote is from the write of the article not from Bungie or MS. So it still doesnt look like there is a chance in hell that you'll be seeing a bungie game on the ps3

SlappingOysters3538d ago

It is more what the guy said about them getting disillusioned with Microsoft and that they've begun looking at different avenues of which the PS3 is one... Wii, PC and others could be options too.

Interesting that they are working on more than one new project, that's for sure. Wish I knew what the others were.

Jamegohanssj53538d ago

Hm, I am a Playstation fan all the way, but I really don't care if they make games or not for us.


gaffyh3538d ago

@thebudgetgamer - You can already, buy Oni (PS2) and put it in your PS3. (but that game sucks lol)

SonyOwnsNextYear3538d ago

Ps3 doesnt need this game or bungie.

unless bungie can embrace the ps3 and make a new ip wich pushes the ps3 hardware, then dont even bother

Real Gambler3538d ago

Microsoft spend tons of money on everything, but cannot buy Bungie? Doesn't make sense to me. Dang, they probably spent more on Halo advertising alone than what it would have cost to buy them. For sure, I would not expect any PS3 love, because if they start anything interesting, I'm sure they will finally take their wallet out!

Bnet3433538d ago

Bungie is cool, but I think Halo is "old". Gears of War took Halo's place if you ask me. I don't think Microsoft cares anymore about Halo and quite frankly neither do a lot of people. BTW, I think you can stick Bungie game in your PS3. That old ass game called Oni.

ThanatosDMC3538d ago

Good game??! You gotta be joking right? Bungie doesnt have one good game other than the first Halo, which was classic.

What other game outside the Halo franchise has Bungie made? Also, why would we want Halo on PS3? That'd be just lame to steal franchises.

Xelai3538d ago

So much nonsense in so little space, so much ignorance...
Halo is MS IP not Bungie's.
MS has a percentage ownage of Bungie.
MS has a contract to publish first any Bungie game.
MS has a exclusive contract with Bungie for an undisclosed period.
MS let Bungie buy themselves again, so no, they will not buy Bungie back.

Anything else is wishful thinking or bad journalism.

PD Journalism? In this site? Yep, should not have said that...

calis3538d ago

@ Real Gambler - Bungie may not want to be bought out. Microsoft just can't say I will buy you and that's the end of it.

@ ThanatosDMC - Imagine if Halo hit the PS3. No matter your opinion of the game it would sell, it is a huge game in terms of would also probably sink Microsoft.

Xelai3537d ago

People here get to the point to disagree to simple plain facts.

Lets see, the Earth is round and orbits the sun in an elliptical orbit.

Trying mode.

omodis4203537d ago

I could just see it now. 360 fans would be trying to say all kinds of stuff about how Halo was Bungies only good game. Bungie better start checking for anthrax in their mail.

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Forbidden_Darkness3538d ago

I knew there was something fishy about Bungie going independent, while we'll never see Halo on the PS3, it would be sweet to see what they could do with the PS3

Chubear3538d ago

Read my blog about this that I did back in 2006/2007

TheGamer3538d ago

If Bungie makes a game for PS3 or not it doesnt make a diff. We have a lot of other great and more talented developers making great games for PS3.

Why o why3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

im glad MS own the rights. Maybe bungie can now start thinking outside that green helmet. Time for a change huh

Danja3538d ago

would love for Bungie to develop a new IP for the PS3...hint *Sony*'s the time to start playing a lil dirty...

Danja3538d ago

what exactly is wrong with KZ2 ??

robotnik3538d ago

yeah, care to elaborate?

SlappingOysters3538d ago

it was just a bad joke really.

I was more thinking about Killzone 1 being a bit average. Killzone 2 does indeed look better

thematrix12983538d ago (Edited 3538d ago ) CAN NOT make joke...I'm emphasising the CAN NOT!

It wasn't even funny :|

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omodis4203538d ago

It's just to bad that Halo is boring.

Final_Rpg3538d ago

So boring that over 10 million people purchased it? Must be a real sleep inducer to get those kind of sales.

CaptainHowdy3538d ago

hordes of ppl fall into hyped up mediocrities all the time...Titanic(biggest selling movie ever), Dan Brown's the DaVinci Code,and the Nintendo Wii, the list goes on and on. back on topic...bungie on ps3 by 2010!!!

Extra Guy3538d ago

err the difference is that over 600000 people play Halo every day...

she00win993538d ago

well, hiphop gamer was right..

Chubear3538d ago

Cause I remember making a blog about this years ago. Here


The outdated hardware that is the xbox 360 is something a lot of developers are abandoning