The end of three lives and you're dead?

Has the replenishable health bar sent one of gaming's oldest conventions - dying and losing a life - to the recycle bin?

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thor3663d ago

Errr... that was only ever a feature in platformers as far as I am aware. And LBP uses a lives system.

Sunny_D3663d ago

gone are the days of lives since today's games are just regenerating health or its too easy to refill it back up again. so no lives lost. the recent game to still have this is LittleBigPlanet.

thor3663d ago

Yeah I remember one of the criticisms some reviewers had with LBP was the unforgiving lives system. It's MEANT to make it challenging! Most games hold your hand too much nowadays, with regenerating health, close checkpoints, no life system and difficulty such that even a gaming noob can beat most games on the hardest difficulty.