No Rainy Woods Means No Xbox 360 Or PS3 Games From Marvelous This Year

Last year Marvelous Entertainment brought a teaser clip for Rainy Woods, their first PS3/Xbox 360 game, to Tokyo Game Show. Rainy Woods was supposed to come out in 2008, but the game didn't even materialize at this year's TGS back in October. Did it get canned?

No, but it's delayed until 2009 at the earliest. PS3 Attitude contacted a representative from Rising Star, Marvelous' European branch, who told them the creepy game won't come out until mid to late 2009 or possibly even 2010. Rainy Woods is the only announced high definition game from Marvelous at this time. Their other projects which your probably well aware of are for the Nintendo DS, PSP, and Wii.

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Raoh3691d ago

didnt they have to halt production due to too many Twin Peaks similarities?

sinncross3691d ago

Doesn't matter either way.. this doesn't look that interesting after all the Heavy Rain info/ footage that has been coming out.

DolphGB3691d ago

Don't get me wrong, it's always really nice when people link to our original stories, but isn't this really just a duplicate of the story we covered back in July? I don't see what has been added to our piece that makes this new or different...