Gameplay Monthly: Star Ocean: First Departure Review

GPM: "The year is 1996. The fourth generation of console gaming is drawing to a close. A group of developers, frustrated with the meddling of their publisher, Namco, break away to form tri-Ace and promptly choose Enix to publish their next game. Unfortunately, two factors worked against this team. The Super Nintendo was on its last legs. The PlayStation had been out for more than a year in Japan, and the Nintendo 64 was on the way. While not relevant to Japan, Enix America had already closed its doors, almost insuring the game would never see the light of day in North America. Enix sold only 235,000 copies, none outside Japan. Its sequel for the PlayStation would sell well over a million copies.

This all goes to explain why gamers are more likely to associate "Star Ocean" with the second game in the series rather than the first. It also explains why Square Enix would choose to recast this first game in the mold of the second when it brought it over to the PlayStation Portable."

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