AusGamers Reviews Spider-man: Web of Shadows - 3/10

AusGamers writes:

I'm not afraid to admit I was a massive Spider-man fan growing up. I collected all the various Spider-man titles Marvel put out to steal kids' money and ate up every story, villain and love triangle old web-head ever came across.

I loved the first two movies (and had been holding my breath for them as far back as when James Cameron was rumoured to have secured the rights, back in the 90s) and even find value in the third one (though just a little), and so looked toward Activision's Spider-man: Web of Shadows with a sense of hope as a host of guest characters was revealed as well as a promise Shaba and Treyarch would address all issues ever found with previous Spidey games.

Having said all that, I really don't know where to begin with Spider-man: Web of Shadows post play-time except to say unless you're under the age of 13 or don't care about the Spider-man universe in any capacity and just like mashing buttons, you're probably better off just turning away. If you don't fit the above criteria and need some reasoning, however, here is a list of examples as to why you should probably avoid this game at all costs:

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