Home Open Beta to be released shortly after Qore 6.

Ted The Dog the Home Community Manager posted on the European Home Forums, giving a little more polished details on the Home's Status once Qore episode 6 comes out.

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TrevorPhillips3425d ago

Finally after all that waiting

Hydrolex3425d ago

Hotel coming for 360 !!!! 60 bucks each year

Hububla3424d ago

i just got my beta invite like 2 hours ago

Peter Griffin3424d ago

This was almost worst than waiting almost 400 yrs for a black president

but boy was it worth it

Tarasque3424d ago

Finally people will shut up and see how boring it is. And also keep in mind we just got sullys bar and farcry 2 room just recently, cause before that we had the same crap for months and months.

marinelife93424d ago

I don't even watch the videos on Qore but just all the betas and demos I've gotten to play over the last six months has been worth the $24.99

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ChrisGTR13424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

yea sonys been saying that for the past...year and a half.

xBot Lemmings3424d ago

It's still coming what u gonna do about it ?

go troll somewhere...

oh and have fun with NXE with half features not coming...

ChrisGTR13424d ago

lol, funny thing is i just learned about NXE this E3 and im getting it in 15 days. youve heard about home at GDC 07? it has over a year and a half of delays and still isnt out.

very diffrent approaches by both companies, MS dosent tell you till they know they will deliver, and sony on the other hand just tells you about it for years and then dissapoints.

Tarasque3424d ago

Sony says a lot for a longe period of time but is usually inaccurate, so just take it with a grain of salt.

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tocrazed4you3424d ago

All the waiting worn me out... I ain't that excited anymore till I actually download it myself.

dericb113424d ago

You know I can say Mircosoft has done something good for a change. I mean if they didn't say NXE was coming out Sony possibly would not have got off there asses and pulled Home to coming out. Kudos to MS for making Sony try harder.

N4M3L3553424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Competition is healthy for this business, and it only benefits the consumer.**Oh yeah, forgot to give you a bubble for saying something that was worth reading. You could've been really nasty and divisive with that comment, but you weren't.**


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The story is too old to be commented.