MAXIM: LittleBigPlanet Review

The Skinny: Take control of a beanie bag and embark on a very weird, but satisfying adventure. (Or, make your own.)

The Good: User-generated content, which powers websites like Fark, Wikipedia, and Digg (hey guys, still love us?), but it's rare to find a game that really allows players to express their own creativity.

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baum3693d ago

Gears a 5, LBP a 4.5

Evidently they're not gamers. To them "Gears is macho and goes great with your beer" and LBP is, at best, "A babe magnet".

Yeah, whatever. Sadly some people care about Maxim.

dktxx23693d ago

Maxim? What the fudge is maxim doing reviewing games?

thereapersson3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I don't really pay them any mind...

Sami Frey3693d ago

their article makes them sound like yuppie a-holes.

Danja3692d ago

hmm so to the guys at Maxim Gears 2 >>> LBP ?????

back to reality now...Maxim should just stick to music reviews