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All in all, Resistance 2 is an excellent game. The stirring scale of the single-player levels is impressive and the pervasive details make them truly awesome. Despite the squandered story, blasting your way through the campaign is electrifying, thanks largely to the deadly weapons in your arsenal. The cooperative multiplayer is a resounding success, and the competitive modes are terrific in their own right. Anyone looking for a superb shooter experience need look no further than Resistance 2.

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Genesis53667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I wonder if they read Variety's reveiw. Then went holy crap! Were they even playing the same game. Because I don't know what R2 Variety played but it sure wasn't the same one that I am playing and enjoying right now.

thebudgetgamer3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

but who cares what variety thinks


edit my bad wron thread

still good score

actas1233667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Great review. Guys, this game is amazing. It's like those new hamburgers they now have at burger king except with cheese.. man, I am hungry.

LightningPS3PS33667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I bought Resistance 2 day 1, and now I'm selling it already. How could they F*ck this game up so bad??


Does anyone else see this as retarded? I'm shocked, what makes first person shooters fun is passing the main game with buddies and doing it together.

What's the point of passing the storymode by yourself? WTF!!

What where they thinking...??

I'm selling this peice of Sh*t. How disappointing.


Disagrees? What the F*ck are you talking about? You have to play the story campaign ALONE!! ALONE!!

ultimolu3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Same for me as well. This game freakin' rocks.

And Lightning...okay? o.o
...So what if you play the story campaign alone? The multiplayer is rock solid. Wouldn't that make up for it?

cmrbe3667d ago

that is the reason why there is a CO-Op campign you dumb dodo.

El_Colombiano3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )


You are just used to generic games like GeOW2 and Halo 3 that have some co-op tacked onto the only story line provided. This is a game from Sony and Insominiac, FAR above the standards of those from either Epic Games or Bungie. Lets face it, your an Xbox 360 fanboy and a worthless troll. This is your second account (or your millionth for all I know) and you don't actually have a PS3, thus you do not have Resistance 2. About a year ago you were b*tching about how you lost a year of gaming because of the PS3 and you sold it. You are just a lowly fanboy that, to console yourself, comments on this website wrongly thinking that anybody actually takes you serious. I await your LightingPS3PS3PS3 account.

Oh and the singleplayer has no co-op because, well frankly, it is a SINGLE player campaign. That takes but common sense to figure out, but then again, its YOU. So I understand why you can not comprehend that concept.

thereapersson3667d ago

Uh, that's why there are TWO campaigns.

LightningPS3PS33667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

You get a co op mode, that has nothing to do with the real storyline of the game!! The story campaign is the main part.

NO matter how many F*cken side co op modes it has, you're forced to play the main game ALONE!! ALONE!!

Nothing can make up for Insomniacs horrifying decision. WOW...

If you wanted to play the main game alone, you're always free to do so. But why force people to play alone??

The just ruined this F*cken game, and this game will be forgotten really fast.

El_Colombiano3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Normally your opinion would matter Lightning, as everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but there is one problem. Your a lowly fanboy that has never played this game for the simple fact you have no PS3 to play it with.

@ Below, ohhh but I do to this ignorant fool. Unlike Lightning and Resistance 2, I have actually played GeOW2. Its exactly like the first, subpar to what I am used to playing. I'm not hating on it because its only on 360 and soon PC, but simply because the game does not live up the the quality of game I am used to.

zethos563667d ago

You have no right to criticize others of being fanboys. See 1.6

ultimolu3667d ago

Lightning...why would you buy the game then? There's plenty of sites of which had previews for R2. You knew what you were buying when you bought it.

...I highly doubt you even own a PS3.

LightningPS3PS33667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I was stupid like so many others, I only cared about the score.

I never imagined they would cut out co op...

Just answer this.. you could always play the Resistance 1 campaign alone if you wanted to.

How many times did you say, Jeez... I have so much more fun playing this campaign alone than with a friend?

Bathyj3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

You didn't know single player means one person and you're calling others retarded?

Well I'm calling you a liar. Sell the game if you have it, sell your PS3 if you have one. You wont be missed.

And co-op wasn't cut, they built a whole new game, just for co-op that suits it better. Its purpose built. Would you want to play DM or CTF in the SP levels or would you prefer level built just for that reason?

poopsack3667d ago

"Previews" you little genius, notice the P

hulk_bash19873667d ago

Dude dey didnt cut out co-op its n the damn game, dey jus simply oped out of putting in the generic traditional co-op known for most games for a different and according to most people more fun and intimate experience.

Sarcasm3667d ago

"Disagrees? What the F*ck are you talking about? You have to play the story campaign ALONE!! ALONE!! "


That didn't stop Bioshock, MGS4, Uncharted, and COD4 from being of the best games this generation.

Innovative 8 player co-op that could last indefinitely, or 2 player co-op for a 10 hour campaign. Give me the 8 player co-op.

BobDog3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

they said from day one that there will be no co-op for the single player campaign, but their will be a co-op campaign with a story line different to that of the single player campaign.

and the co-op campaign actually does have a story that runs paralell to the main single player story

and dude its a single player campaign its meant to be signle player.

sarcasm there is no 2 player co-op for the sp campaign at all, doesnt bother me cause i like the mp experience more then the sp, and the sp is solid

W831Liquidsnake3667d ago

nice to see some honest reviews great score!!

Rhythmattic3667d ago

I dont own it yet, End of November release date for Oz..

But isnt the 8 Player Co-Op a Parallel story to the single player campaign ?

Surely thats more value ?

TUFFnNYC3667d ago

Lightning seriously needs to get laid asap

cmrbe3667d ago

seriously quite while you can. I have never seen a fake hate act this bad before.

Quote "I didn't read them man!!
I was stupid like so many others, I only cared about the score".

You are indeed stupid. Now run along.

Peter Griffin3667d ago

What part of NYC u uptown baby, we New Yorkers gotta stick together

FantasyStar3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

He's right. While Cooperative mode is great when you got 4-8 players. 2 players alone feels so lackluster. For one thing, one player HAS to be medic. Either that or risk the revive-game.

Cooperative mode overall feels soo..."barebones". I understand that it was made that way to tailor itself more to gameplay. However my idea co-op is the story co-op. Gears 2 co-op, Halo 3 co-op. You know? Is anyone getting me? I'm not selling R2 because cooperative mode is pretty fun, but for me and one other buddy: we'd rather play Story co-op.

For one thing the parallel campaign feels WEAK. Hale's campaign has a FULL-BLOWN storyline to it while Cooperative mode feels so...'artificial". I didn't feel immersed in Cooperative mode whatsoever and knew I was playing a game, compared to Single Player campaign. Back that up by the fact that 2nd player cannot build XP and you have a broken coop mode.

I knew full well that there's no Story co-op months in advance, but that was before I realize how much 2 player co-op sucked as it was. Which is why I want story co-op. However given the server issues, XP bug, and other issues: my faith in Insomniac is been shaken and I'd **** bricks if Insomniac actually gave us what the community wants.

Story Co-op.
Allow 2nd Player to help contribute to 1st Player's overall XP count.

thewhoopimen3667d ago

I thought you sold your PS3 2 months ago? How did you manage to play R2? At a gamestop kiosk? Move on guys. This fanboy is a moron. Just look up his comment history.

Danja3667d ago

I rememeber you saying you sold your PS3 and bought a 360 instead ..?

so I think ur just trying to be a lil over dramatic hater cuz you can't play this game...bcuz of a bad decision you made..

Everyone knew this game wouldn't have Co-op integrated into the SP campaign , instead they would have , a Seperate Co-op campaign...

motts3667d ago

ill buy it from you...

BattleAxe3666d ago

I just finished Resistance 2 1 hour ago, and OMG what a crazy ending. The game was spectacular 10/10

3666d ago
pixelsword3666d ago

I bought this game and I'm loving it!


I'm shooting Chimera in the ass!

Cynical-Gamerzus3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

The game is with out doubt great,but it is rushed from what i feel!!!
If given about 6 months more this game would have the wow factor the Gear of war 2 Unreal engine 3 has with PC technology and 360..
I was amazed at many level but at times my eyes were tortured by lame weak texture work and effects..But if they had spent time and utilized the Hard drive and Bluray more and Cell Physics,this game would of been a mammoth title that would of destroyed the competition..
It appears they spent too much time tinkering with the Ratchet series and not enough with the focusing on the Resistance technology.But Rest assured the huge hordes of detailed enemies and scale are enough to convince me the PS3 has a bright future ahead!!!!

It will only get better!!!

kunit22c3666d ago

you see you are getting alot of disagrees because, well most ps3 fanboys arnt social they dont mind if they have to sit there all alone playing a game for the longest time ever, i however would get bored, and it seems you would too. To tell the truth i wouldnt want to sit there alone playing a game for that long, sure at night i play games alone just because im bored but besides that i play them with friends or do something else but MOST ps3 fanboys arnt like that if you get what im implying. Bring on the Disagrees you fanboys!

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tocrazed4you3667d ago

IG very very nice loving the game so far about 6 hours into the campaign right now.

3666d ago
kunit22c3666d ago

it may be the ps3's year for games (WOW A WHOLE 3!) but not for sales :O!

Rob0g0rilla3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

and seeing that ign, gamespot, g4, and eurogamer gave this game 9/10 or higher it just makes me wonder.

The co-op alone in Resistance 2 had me sold. It's a lot of fun.

The good....

"Lag-free online matches with up to 60 players"


The_Firestarter3667d ago

Man, R2 looks so good. I'm glad reviewers are giving this game good scores. It's too bad I don't have $60 sitting around...

aaron233667d ago

even SONY hater Lamespot agrees


fufotrufo3667d ago

sorry tiny tim ...

Since Fable 2 is not AAA in your eyes....resistance 2 gets the same treatment

so sad ..when you can't even apply your own stupid logic to your games

ultimolu3667d ago

I do recall you bots started this crap first.

The game deserves a solid 9. It's a AAA in the eyes of people who *have* played it.

Now begone.

fufotrufo3667d ago

no bot started this crap ...Retarded Nasim did for your information.. but how could you know don't get 30 PM's a day from Nasim saying the same thing ..

aaron233667d ago

Resistance 2 got 9.5 from IGN and 9 from Gamespot and Gamesradar --those 3 websites account for 80% traffic of all gaming websites worldwide

Fable got 8.8 from IGN
8.5 from Gamespot

a flop at best in reviews and sales

reviews from unknown websites dont count

zo6_lover273667d ago

8.8 and 8.5 = flop?

What the hell?

fufotrufo3667d ago

Fable AVG 90 metacritic .... go cry some more nasim

Eurogamer 10 > 9
Gameinformer 9.25> 8.5
Gamepro 9 > 8

Next time ..Metacritic should only put IGN and Gamespot reviews in the avarage score and nothing else..just for nasim!

spin it nasim ..spin it some more

Fable 2 is not a flop and you know it!

ultimolu3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Nasim may be a psycho at times but I know what I witnessed when I first came here.

360 fanboys ganging up on Haze and Lair. And then when Too Human came out and turned out to be crap, they cried wolf.

You guys started this FIRST instead of playing your damn games and being happy with your system.

None of you have CEASED harassing PS3 owners at all whatsoever.

Oh, a disagree? Could I be further from the truth? PS3 owners had no choice but to retaliate and defend themselves, especially when 360 fanboys claimed they bought a $600.00 bluray player!

thereapersson3667d ago

I've been browsing this site for almost 2 years now, and what you say is correct. Back last year, things were pretty bad around here. People quickly forget when it's convenient for them, though...

White-Sharingan3667d ago

I agree with Ultimolu

the people who created the whole "90%+ is AAA and everything else is a flop" craze was 360 fanboys when Resistance 1 didnt get 90+ or other PS3 games for that matter

but when 360 games get a 7 or 8; bots come out and praise its scores

just laughable

btw bubbles up for Ultimolu

Montrealien3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

bla bla bla, they said this about my console! bla bla bla, they said that about my console! Bottom line, retarded trolling is stupid and bad on both sides of the fence, who gives a f*ck who trough the first f*cking rock. By the time I started lurching the site and the comments section is was retarded, nuf said...

and Nasim is ALWAYS psycho!

Bottom line is

Resistance 2 = awesome game

Gears 2 = awesome game

Xbox 360 = awesome console

PS3 = awesome console

owning both = FTMFW!

cmrbe3667d ago

perhaps you are new to NG4 but your fellow xbox buddies loved to shove it in PS3 fans like myself last year that RCTOD, Uncharted, R1, HS were flops as they are not AAA according to Metacritc.

I don't want to waste my time going to look for them.

Heck even MS themselves loved to point it out.

Its the x360 trolls that started this. Now i am saying this should stop.

Danja3667d ago

It's funny how all the xbox fanboys forget how awful they made N4G last year..with Negative PS3/Blu Ray/Sony articles front page news 24/7..

but now that things have took a 360 "no pun intended" they're acting like victims and wat not..

where's POG/Mart , Maestro , Bladestar , lawnsman , razor , The Round Peg and many others ???

The Matrix3666d ago

I'm starting to lose faith in Gamespot

Recent game reviews:

Dead Space 9.0
Resistance 2 9.0
Gears of War 2 9.0
Littlebigplanet 9.0

I GUESS Gamespot doesn't want to be critized for choosing one above the other.

Eiffel3666d ago

Fable 2 got a 10/10 from Eurogamer what are you talking about?

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