X-Play Resistance 2 Review

X-Play reviews the epic, sci-fi, alternate-American history FPS Resistance 2 from Insomniac for the PS3. How will it stack up to its predecessor?

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Harry1903693d ago

liked the game. It was a plebiscit more than a review.

Lord Anubis3693d ago

the first unbiased review.

BTW Sony no longer owns the San Francisco Metreon. It was sold to the biggest mall player Westfield.

pixelsword3693d ago

It had a doll.

Or action figure.

They're all dolls to me.

I won't open it.

I'll probably sell it or something.

It came with a code to get a bonus skin for the online.

I was going to give the code away, but my brother would probably want it.

Lifendz3692d ago

for a great game. Maybe the days of the PS3 bias are gone. I'm still surprised at the 1up score but the guy that reviewed the game nitpicked the game to death.

himdeel3692d ago

...on a retail copy I have to say it's an amazing game especially for fans on the first R:FOM. I don't know anyone personally that hasn't played the first R:FOM so I don't know how much they'd enjoy it. Anyway I know I will be having lot's of fun with this title for a very long time.

Now to pick up LBP next month, Val.Chronicles in January, and Killzone2 in February :)

barom3692d ago

I think 1up had fairly good arguments. If you watch the 1up show you can see the reviewer and two other guys discussing R2. It's quite interesting, and if what they say is true then I must say I'm a bit disappointed as well. The single-player lacks identity and feels like a bunch of stuff mashed together, rather than one great experience.

Anyway, B+ is still a good score. The other guy on the 1up show (David Ellis) said on the 1up yours podcast that, that's what he would've given the game. B+ or A-, flip a coin. And it sounded like he didn't like the single-player, but the multiplayer was so good it kinda makes up for it (naming mostly the co-op).

Anyway, it seemed they all would agree that it was an improvement over the first one on all levels.

himdeel3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

...that reviewed R2 is just a nitpicker. He did the same thing with Dead Space if you watch that review From this video I just think he's a nitpicker and it has nothing to do with this particular game.

ThanatosDMC3692d ago

Finally, he wasnt biased and liked a very deserving game it's right. I remember those reviews when they hailed the 360 like it was some crystal meth injected in their bloodstream, especially that review about the baseball game that was severely not finished yet but they gave it high reviews.

SonyOwnsNextYear3692d ago

Insomniac never sleeps on the AAA.

Lifendz3692d ago

feel they have to be as negative as possible to justify themselves. "I'm a reviewer and I'm so keen to games that I'm going to point out every single flaw in the game until you don't even wonder if it's fun or not." Give me a break.

If the complaints are small, then why are you bringing them up? This is directed to 1up btw. The game lacks identity? Are you fighting locus? Are the guns not Insomniac-esque? Cmon guy.

Reviewers constantly punish a game for not improving, for sticking to it's own world and not looking to what other games did that improved upon the genre. Yet here comes R2 and borrows from great games and still maintains it's own identity but we're told it's lacking one?

It's enough already. If someone makes an AAA shooter, I want the Insomniac guys to play it. At the same time I don't want Gears of Resistance. I think they nailed it with the way they did it.

But whatever. Let these guys be the dweebs they are. They're the same guys that go out of their way to knock a game when the publisher doesn't deliver on every single promise. The guy discussing the game on the 1up podcast actually bished that they got the game 3 days before the review. Wahh Wahh Wahhh. Can't play a friggin videogame in 3 days?


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pwnsause3693d ago

this is expected from Adam Sessler. the guys at G4 are not only Insomniac Fanboys (in a good way), but they also gave their last 2 games a 5 out of 5. I say congrats to Insomniac on making the Resistance Franchise well known in the Playstation Community, not to mention Ratchet and clank.

Bots Of A Feather Fl3693d ago

Insomniac Games will continue to deliver jaw-dropping AAAA masterpieces on Ps3

dragon ball Z DROIDS3692d ago

dude you name is brilliant in a good and not so good way

Kleptic3692d ago

almost completed the single player campaign I think...the game deserves nothing less than a 9 imo...especially considering what the overall goal of the entire game was to begin...which was push console multiplayer to new limits (accomplished without question), and improve on everything from the first game...which it also does...

it isn't the best looking title on the SP3 overall, especially in multiplayer...but its years (no pun intended) better than fall of man...the lighting is the only thing that I have issues with...the new dynamic lighting is excellent, and low light areas with the flashlight on (which now creates awesome looking siren like shadows around everything in the environment) is awesome...but the baked lighting outside gets some question marks from me...there will be realistic shadows around somethings, like cars and crates or buildings or whatever...but then something right next to it, in plain line from the sun or whatever light source...that is missing a shadow...also some of the baked lighting has no effect on other players, or your in when you walk under some lighting, you see it realistically casted over your weapon dynamically, which looks awesome...yet at other times walking into a shadow does absolutely nothing, and your weapon blooms just like its in direct sun light...

small complaint I know...and its much better than fall of man, of which that was my biggest issue with the graphics...but its a shame they didn't have an extra month to polish that stuff up a little more...the game is simply inconsistant at times, thats all...some areas look absolutely incredible...others look very halo 3'ish...about half way through the game is when the visuals hit the low point, then come back considerably there after...

and yeah...59 other human controlled players on screen at once will obviously have to make some corner cutting to the maps the lighting is generally very simple, making everything appear cartoony at times...its still a blast though...but because of these small issues, I can't agree with any perfect scores...I know perfect doesn't mean 'perfect' means there is no real way to improve upon what was released...and an extra month would probably have allowed all these little things to be remedied...

although I did get into the Killzone 2 beta last night...and the fact that the online part of K2 looks immensely better than any other game's (save possibly MGS4) single player component...might be screwing up my judgement...I would recommend waiting to play Killzone 2 until you are finished with any other shooter you currently are enjoying...because once you try it, there is no going back...


You can tell he was thinking "God I cant believe the producers want me to play Gears of War 2 on Friday instead of Resistance 2,how do I get out of this hmmm maybe if I call in sick I'll be able to stay home and complete the epic journey of Nathan Hale"

Maxned3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Hes a paid video game host who actually has a life and doesn't think "RESISTANCE VS GEARS 2! TEH BIG SHOEDOWN!!!!111"

Edit: Oh god no. Looks like BADJOYSTICK is another one of that loser Nasim's clones.

Kush_Reaper3693d ago

Sounds like they where really impressed with R2. Still wouldn't have stoped me from picking up this gem.

DarK-SilV3693d ago

I have R2 and Gears2 and guess what, tomorrow I'm getting COD5,
yes we get games most of the time like 1 week before the world

WIIIS13693d ago

My experience with COD5 multiplayer gives me the impression that it is like COD4 in WWII setting but with worse graphics. I'd go with just Gears 2 and Resistance 2.