IGN: Score International Baja 1000 Review

Even as a budget game, Baja 1000 is a poor attempt at virtual off-road racing. The vehicles aren't satisfying to drive, the overall presentation is poor and everything looks and feels slapped together. If you're looking for just the barest of bare-bones racers, Baja 1000 certainly fits that description. But if you're at all discerning about your driving games, steer way clear of this one.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 3.0
Sound - 2.0
Gameplay - 3.5
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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Danja3690d ago

lol totally 4got this game even existed talk about Vaporware

Nitrowolf23690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Edited: sorry wrong story

Nitrowolf23690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

sorry wrong section

IQUITN4G3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I'm absolutely in a minority then as i simply adore this game despite some very annoying aspects.Very rarely does a game grip like how this has in fact

Some overly harsh scores from just about all reviews who are missing the point entirely - it's demanding and hair pulling but immensely satisfying when you fully get to grips with it

In fact that's exactly what the nature of Baja is minus the flaws of this game

For those that have yet to play this, it demands a lot of time to get the most out of it, but then it's remarkably fun - certainly not just an arcade racer


Didn't realise there were 2 Baja games, i havn't played the Activision one and i'm guessing it's crap

Omegasyde3690d ago

Sorry I play racing games with 2 things in mind.

Immersion and Gameplay.

The graphics suck and the reviewer mentions glitches. Sorry but when it comes down to racing titles its all about the graphics. The controls also got a huge hit, in which if the player can't have fun driving what is the point of the game?

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