Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 Reviews: 2 for 1 from OXCGN

Two reviews of Penny Arcade Adventures (Ep. 2) from OXCGN:

"You would be forgiven for calling Penny Arcade Adventures
a modern day Monkey Island,this being the second in their graphical adventures which takes your own created hero and has them team up with both Gabe and Tycho after your half rebuilt home is destroyed (again!) by the duo.

Soon you join their Startling Developments Detective Agency on yet another adventure to learn the secrets of New Arcadia, solving smaller cases for the townsfolk to uncover a deeper and darker secret."

Review Scores: 7.5/ 8 out of 10.

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Hunter863631d ago

Really looking foward to this game actually. Penny arcade is awesome.

XboxOZ3603631d ago

Not usually into many "arcade games" these days, but this one has me thinking I should investigate it further. Although, I might see if I can grab a free code . .. but still, 1200 MSP isn't that bad really .

Immortal Kaim3631d ago

Not really into the whole Penny Arcade thing.

TrevorPhillips3631d ago

i think penny arcade is cool but i think portal: still alive is even more cooler :)

XboxOZ3603631d ago

Yep, agree with that one . .. I love Portal's latest iteration, very addictive indeed.

gaminoz3631d ago

Arcade really does have some good stuff. Carcassonne and that pirate one are really quite fun!