360-Hq reviews Lian Li's XB-01 Replacement Case

The guys over at Lian Li recently gave 360-Hq a chance to review their XB-01 replacement Xbox 360 case. Does this case live up to its promises of silent operation, find out in the full review.

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Dlacy13g3664d ago

So basically take your 360 and shove it in a PC case that is twice as bulky just to make it quiet? Hmmm...I think ..umm....NO!

Sorry, just wait for NXE to come and install your games to make it quiet.

steve30x3663d ago

The Idea wasnt to make it totally quiet like it is with the NXE. It was also to help with the cooling of the XBOX 360. The 120mm fan moves more air across the heatsinks which keep the console cooler.

I can see a solution for the noisy DVD rom also. They could have totally enclosed the DVD rom and put some sound dampening material around it , then put some rubber gromets on the screw holes for the DVD rom. This would be easily done and If I ever buy that case I will modify the case like that. Also I would put another silent fan on the front of the case and you would have a very quiet console that should have a 25% extra life span. (About 3 months extra if im lucky lol)