Capcom: PSN and XBLA "still in their infancy"

Capcom's director of production Adam Boyes has said that online console gaming via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade are still in their infancy.

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chaosatom3324d ago

Doesn't even make sense. How is three-to-five hours matches Psn and Xbl's fault?

capcom should remember that A good game will always sell.

vitz33324d ago

Because Capcom's online service makes the other ones look like crap right??


No FanS Land3324d ago

still in infancy?!?! personnaly I don't even see how they can improve, except minor upgrades.

socomnick3324d ago

silly sony fans so easily pleased. Even with Sonys inferior online offerings.

poopsack3324d ago

if so, PSN is the greatest toddler eva!

aftrdark213324d ago

Does that mean Nintendo's Online Service is still pregnant? Or just still born?