Editorial: LittleBigPlanet Will Be Owned By Boku

Yes, as the headline states: LittleBigPlanet will be royally owned by Boku, only if professionals dedicate their time in making complex, creative games with the game design tool.

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The Killer3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

with out hope they will give up gaming as a whole

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

...Micro$oft are going to Bonk-U!!!(AGAIN) ;-D

Just been playing LBP for the last few hours!!! ;-P
It's AMAZING!!! ;)
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P


SpecialSauce3689d ago

o it's another MS knock off title that copies from a Sony exclusive. lol enjoy your knock off made in china game xbots.

Microsoft_Spokesman3689d ago

LOL What ever fills their bubble.

MAiKU3689d ago

I believe i was the first to say that the xbox would attempt to copy this.

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Deviant3689d ago

wanna see good "bkou like" levels
just google some free games

MAR-TYR-DOM3689d ago

couldnt agree more. Line rider is a good choice!

The Killer3689d ago

which they cant achieve as long as they always copying sony!

all they do is copying!

they copies singstar,Home/wii interface and now LBP what next? MGS4? they failed with splinter cell 5!

as long as they keep buying ps3 exclusive and copy cat them they will never be the industry leaders!

Bubble Buddy3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

lol x 100. Sackboy can't be beat.

dexterwang3689d ago

@1.2, MS does copy everything from Sony and Nintendo... and when they can't copy it, they throw money at it so its becomes theirs.

I'm not complaining though, I enjoy my xbox and have a better experience because of MS's lazy tactics. I simply hate MS in general.

The only thing MS brought to the community was LIVE and err.. rrod?

Viatrophy3689d ago

Dude, what are you smoking to think that all Microsoft do is copy Sony?

3689d ago
The Killer3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

dude what r u smoking that u think MS is not copying and stealing from sony and nintendo ideas and games?

s8anicslayer3689d ago

maybe in another lifetime

ruibing3689d ago

I love how the entire editorial is based on a youtube trailer.

LoVeRSaMa3689d ago

Sigh, Just Sigh.

As if, *rolls eyes, and goes back to playing LBP*

Ju3689d ago

Did you guys actually ever read further then the first line of the title ? LOL.

Mike134nl3689d ago

already heard about boku in 2007 as a kind of xna for kids

CryofSilence3689d ago

That's not the only thing they've copied. Windows Vista is a horrible attempt to copy Mac OS X. Microsoft either copies or buys. They have no innovation.

Maxned3689d ago

You may want to change your words...

-Motion sensing controller (copied from wii)
-Trophies (copied from 360)
-Weather channel (copied from wii)
-News channel (copied from wii)

-Quantum (copied Gears of War)
-Zelda theme song (copied from.... zelda)

I'll admit, the Quantum one is a little much but all the others are clear copies.

The Lazy One3689d ago

THEY AREN'T COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS! one is a visual programming language, and one is a game with a level editor. Boku is not for making Boku levels. It's for making new games. It's not a mod tool, it's not a level modifier, it is not a level editor.

Boku is not a game! Boku is a visual programming language for people that don't know programming yet. that... is... all.

Sitdown3689d ago

Please enlighten us with how Microsoft failed with Splinter Cell 5....especially since they are not the ones responsible for that series...which then raises the question of how they would be trying copy MGS 4...when again, they are not making the game. the realm of gaming, anything is possible. Lets stop trying to make Sony out to be the originator of everything gaming....especially if it is a studio in Sony, and not necessarily Sony themselves producing such ideas.

XxZxX3689d ago

I thought XBOX 360 is all about hardcore.
Wassup with this casual gaming aim for 5 years old stuff.

NegativeCreep4273689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I can't even believe Microsoft will stick to that title for the game; I predict they'll eventually change the name of the game to...TinyHugeWorld.

billymazter3689d ago

this has 8-bit graphics and is totally difernt isnt even in same genre this can suck my balls

thewhoopimen3689d ago

To answer your question.... if Boku is japanese it would mean "I" in a informal boy way of saying "I"

In any case, I think it's funny how MS is trying very hard to deflate Sony's momentum with LBP's release. That and the "oh wait till you see what we have in 2009" bit they pulled.

Boku will make for a fine game programming environment, but it isn't the same thing as LBP.

pixelsword3689d ago

If that is what Microsoft had to take down Sackboy, they'd better go back to the drawing board and take that Atari 2600-era looking game with it.

Megatron083688d ago

1st off this game is based off of XNA that came out in 06 so if anything lil big flop is the copy. This game is not aimed at the causal croward either its for hardcore gamers despite its colorful graphics. Causal gamers have never been the ones to make levels or do game mods so you can pretty much forget about them creating a whole new game.

2nd Sony steals more ideas then MS does and what they cant steal they try to buy. Stoled the idea of a built in HDD from MS stoled online from MS they stoled motion control from nintendo. They paid off square to drop nintendo and make FF7 for them. They paid to get tomb raider on the ps1 that was an exclusive for sega at the time. Sony is probably the dirtiest company out there.

StephanieBBB3688d ago

But I find this very very, extremely, unbelivebly ,omgwtfpuwnsauceamagad ,Hard to believe.

SL1M DADDY3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )


redgaurd3688d ago

Wake up buddy!! MS were not the first to come up with online in a console, and as for tomb raider, everyone could see where sega was going. Sony didn't have to buy it, they just had to say yes. Other than that everyone "borrows" Ideas.

The Killer3688d ago

Ms stole from sony the following

1: vibration controllers.

2: the amount of buttons and analog controllers(they just changed the shape), only nintendo always bring new and different controllers.

3: they are trying to steal the playstation image of home of JRPGs, maybe their r trying to broaden the audience but again they did it in the same way of ps2, they didnt try to broaden the audience with new and innovative ways like Wii did, they only copies what sony did last gen and failed at it dues to the hardware problems and limitations.

4: all they do is buying ps3 exclusives instead of making a decent new IP games.

5: originally splinter cell was to be a counter for MGS and was exclusive for xbox, and again with SC5 they tries to more imitate solid snake by making him this time do more interaction and not just hiding in the dark all night, MS payed ubisoft to make exclusive, MS definition of exclusives is not by developing them selfs but buy them from others.

6: Lipz is a failed copy cat to singstar

7: buko is a failed copy cat to littlebigplanet

8: the new graphical interface is a copy sony's Home but they tried to do it a bit differently this time

9: the wireless controllers they copied from sony

10: the HDMI in the 360's now is a copy cat from sony

11: the HDDVD was to copy sony blue ray

the list goes on

am not saying sony is an angel and didnt copy anything but they do it to a less extend and they make it up with many other innovation and original ideas!

Megatron083688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Killer please all sony does is copy and steal other peoples idea

1. Sony copied MS with online gaming

2. Sony copied MS vista when they made the psn

3. Sony ’s home is a copy of 2nd life

4. Sony copied built in HDD from MS

5. All sony did was buy exclusive off from nintendo and sega

6. Sony copied lbp off MS’s boku (boku is base off XNA and that came out in 06)

7. Sony copied motion control from MS ( look up the sidewinder)

8. Sony stole vibration controllers and lost the law suit to the company they stole it from to prove they stole it.

9. Sony copied HD DVD with Blu ray HD DVD came 1st look it up

10. Sony copied MS’s xbox music mixer with singstar (xbox music mixer came out in 03 singstar came out in 04)

11. Sony stole analog controllers from Sega (sega was to 1st to release an analog controler look it up)

And the list goes on and on

Killer plus your number 3 and 5 have no weight at all as it just fanboy ranting actually you whole post is but whatever. 3 sony didn invite jpg they are not the 1st system to ever release them if anything sony stole them too. Oh as you pointed out ms doesnt even make SC so they are not trying to steal anything

redgaurd kind of funny how its all of a sudden "borrows Ideas" when sony does it but when MS does it they are stealing

Pain3688d ago

or else you will be like the guy that wrote that Article.

@mega LOL suree...

kevnb3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

be careful with comments like that, this is ps3 fanboy country (N4G). People on this website amaze me, hdmi is copying sony? In November 2005, component was standard geniuses. Back to the article, Boku and Little Big Planet aren't even the same thing, LBP is a game with a level creator... Boku is a very dumbed down and visual programming language.
Next thing you know people are going to say sony invented level creators, hdmi cables, rumble pads, first person shooters & wireless controllers (rofl).

On top of that they already claim with 100% confidence microsoft is paying off companies to release games on their console... as if it couldn't have anything to do with great software sales on the platform. Heck if I was a game publisher I would go multiplat 90% of the time this gen, are you guys really that dim?

NickIni3688d ago

This isn't MS answer to LBP.

This is programming for kids. Like Logo. It doesn't have any things that make LBP so popular, aside from the level creation features. It is also on PC, and will barely sell on Xbox.

Xelai3688d ago

MS has one of the world's biggest budgets for I+D, so I guess they have to copy a lot.
Problem is that sad fanboys only know MS for Vista and 360, and they know nothing about the business world or other aspects where they do amazing things, even joint efforts with Sony in the photography world.

Ateanboy3688d ago

If you read his article you can see how it is 50% opinion and 50% lies. Boku going to "own" LittleBigPlanet???? I seriously don't believe that even the guy who wrote it believes that sh*t.

1) LittleBigPlanet is an actual game that you can enjoy without actually making a level, while Boku is a simplified game creator, and not a game in itself.

2) LittleBigPlanet has identity (Sackboy), Boku doesnt.

3) LittleBigPlanet has the "fun" and "pick up and play" feel. Boku isn't even a game.

4) Creation wise, it'll take WAY more effort in making a game on Boku than it'll take in making a level on LittleBigPlanet, while at the same time, you can already tell that the feeling of reward from creating in LittleBigPlanet will be greater. Why? Check out #5.

5) Boku looks like sh*t. LittleBigPlanet is beautiful from all angles.

6) LittleBigPlanet has tons load of mainstream appeal. Boku won't, because creating games doesn't appeal to the mainstream. And also because Boku looks like sh*t.

I can seriously see some 7 year olds playing LittleBigPlanet together and having a blast, but I can't see no 7 year olds using (notice how I used the word "using" and not "playing") Boku to create games for longer than 10 - 15 minutes.

Boku MIGHT just be a very simple game creating program like they say. But taht's all it is, a game creating program. And it will STILL require massive amounts of effort only to create an arcade game that plays and looks like sh*t. And even if you manage to create a good game with it, it'll STILL look like sh*t. Boku looks worse than the earlier N64 games.

I know it's easy to talk sh*t about things that are great. LittleBigPlanet is a great game. And it's actually fun. But it's BECAUSE it's so great that it is easy for people to talk it down and say ridiculous claims like "LittleBigPlanet will be owned by Boku". It's so easy to talk sh*t about the guy on top. But, that's all it is, talking sh*t. Talking Boku.

yaboi3688d ago

i doubt this will OWN lbp
it doesn't have the charm that lbp has.
im not hating on microsoft

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MAiKU3689d ago

You summed up your entire intelligence with ONE WORD.

Good for you! At least that earns you some merit right?

Danja3689d ago

and Wii music will own Rockband 2

gamesmaster3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

v good