Kikizo: Mirror's Edge Interview with EA DICE

EA DICE has founded its reputation on the antics of burly men with weapons. In a startling twist, Mirror's Edge is about running away from them. As the lean, vaguely Asiatic protagonist Faith, your job is to deliver packages to a resistance organisation scattered across the glitz and sparkle of a near-future totalitarian metropolis.

Between you and your destination lie the balaclava-clad forces of oppression, but the idea is less to give these cads a sound drubbing than to have them eat your dust, bounding between skyscrapers and sliding down precarious pipes in the very best parkour fashion.

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vitz33366d ago

Has DICE ever made a game that wasn't broken-in-the-box? Just asking.

DarkBlood3366d ago

i love the demo and i love this game i was sad because it ended so short in a weird way it reminded me of the matrix and prince of persia definitly getting this game when i can

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