Left 4 Dead 411 Preview: Left 4 Dead - Blood Harvest

Left 4 Dead 411 writes

"The last time we at Left 4 Dead 411 played Left 4 Dead was April 2, 2007. At that time only a handful of articles, interviews and screenshots had been released on L4D and no video at all. On that day, a year and nearly seven months ago, walking to Valve headquarters from our hotel and having no idea how the game looked or played, all we hoped for was that the game wasn't bad.

That was the game then, a game that could easily have been released within a few months and been a great game. Summer 2007 turned to Fall turned to Winter turned to early 2008 turned to Summer turned to Fall turned to early November turned to November 18th. Since that day of playing, I have spent 573 days reading and reporting on literally every single piece of news, looking at every screenshot and watching every video that came out on Left 4 Dead. In that time some major events happened that brought some questions to our mind; Turtle Rock Studios was acquired by Valve, the game was split up into two separate modes and one was at first referred to as deathmatch mode, our beloved Survivors that we came to love were replaced, and the AI Director started to be referred to as a way to make things easier on teams doing poorly.

With all that in mind, we flew to California to Valve South on October 24th wondering whether the game we fell in love with so long ago was still the same."

Inside you will find over an hours worth of the completion of the Blood Harvest level on Expert.

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