HellForge's Fallout 3 Review: One of the best games ever made?

The author of the review questions whether Fallout 3 is truly one of the best games ever made, as so many other reviewers seem to be calling it at the moment, and he levels various criticisms against the gameplay and even some of its most highly touted features, like VATS.

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The Matrix3391d ago

It's not even the best game to come out that week.

Mr PS33391d ago

But Best Ever Made
Metal Gear Solid 4 Holds that Title

pp3391d ago

Its better than Resistance 2 i'll give it that also in graphics.

blooodFrenzy923391d ago

it got my vote for goty unless well of course gears

bunbun7773389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )


chaosatom3390d ago

Oh yeah so was gtaiv /sarcasm.

So now there are two best games ever made. lol.

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