TVG: MotorStorm Pacific Rift Review

TVG writes: "By and large, the original MotorStorm was warmly received by critics when it was released as a PlayStation 3 launch title in Europe. Reviews generally hugged an 8 out of 10 rating for a game that was scored highly as much for its potential as anything else. You see, there were multiple flaws in the game that may not have been quite so easily overlooked if MotorStorm hadn't been the best of a bad bunch of launch titles for the PS3. Instead, visual features such as the terrain deformation that accumulated from one lap to another were the highlights of the PS3's initial range of titles, making MotorStorm's shortcomings a little more forgivable.

These shortcomings included a fairly drab single-player campaign, no split-screen multiplayer in a game that was crying out for it, online multiplayer that was unreliable at first (later to be rectified), and a complete lack of additional content (even a time trial mode, although one was later added with DLC) to keep gamers interested when the career option became dull. It was a bare bones racer and while those bones were certainly sturdy, the lack of meat that gamers could chew off them meant that MotorStorm became tedious quicker than it was engrossing."


* New environment adds to gameplay.
* Monster trucks are a good addition.
* Just as addictive as its predecessor.


* Lacks originality.
* Aggravating collisions.
* Little variation across game modes.

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