Free movies comes to PS3 and PSP

On 13 November you can download six free films for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable

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rickyjb233453d ago

SCEE is currently busy with a small project called "Shoot". Through this project, there will be 6 short films appear in the PlayStation Store that you can download for free. Five films are of European descent and a film comes from Canada.

Also you can also download films if you are in possession of a PSP. 13 November the films will be added to the Store.

chaosatom3452d ago

Its Free. That's all I can ask for.

Lifendz3452d ago

I get Wifi from my school and it takes a day to download a demo. I'd probably be downloading for a month to get 5 movies.

Super-Brad3452d ago

i thought it was actual films, title abit misleading. thanks for making it clearer...


sinncross3453d ago

No no this is so wrong.

It not 6 free movies.. its 6 shorts which have been directed by amatuers with the help of some top hollywood directors to help promote the ps3 etc.. its liek viral marketing but indie movie format. something liek that.

The 'Shoot' game it away as that is what the iniative is called.

im pretty sure im correct on this...

Sheddi3452d ago

if u can download them and not paying for them, then thats free for me.

buy a ps33452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

I love this new business plan.
good thinking SONY.... wait noooo 'shoot' wtf

heyheyhey3452d ago

yeah this is a dupe... the "Shoot!" project was announced a couple days ago... it's similar to the "Movement" series of shorts exclusive to the PSN

nice idea... but the distribution of Movement was very badly done... you had to download every episode in 2 minute chunks with no option for a batch download... the show itself was quite good though

let's hope they address the issue with Shoot

wetowel3452d ago

what I would like to know is when is the damn video store gonna come to canada?

Andor_Trask3451d ago

I am an American living in Germany. I wish I had access to the video store =(

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The story is too old to be commented.