Boy found dead, parents blamed Call of Duty and video game addiction

Brandon Crisp, a young boy, had been missing up until today when he was found dead. Brandon ran away from his home after his parents took away his Xbox 360...

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JeffGUNZ3662d ago

It is always sad when kids end up missing and are found dead. I just think it is outrageous that because the kid loved call of duty, people jump all over xbox and blame them. The child is believed to have run away, that is more of a parenting issue then a video game issue.

vitz33662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If the kid ran away and became an hero over a video game, then it's Darwin @ work. There were obviously more problems on this kid's table then just COD4. His parents and himself are the ones responsible not the damn game. You're the damn parents, take some control in you're kids life.

I know it's cold, but he did it to himself.

BUT, if it turns out that someone else did him in then the family has my condolences.

Ju3662d ago

And you guys know that because you got kids, right ?

FCC3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

On October 13th, I heard about the news. The kid got in an argument with his father and he threatened to leave after his father took away his Xbox 360. The boy has been known to run away over 20 times before, and he's always come back within 2 days or so. They stopped looking for him on October 29th, some people as far as my city, London, Ontario went looking for this kid.

His father called his bluff on this one and actually help him pack his knapsack and let him run away, thinking he'll come back.

As much as this sounds like bad parenting, the kid should also be blamed. For God's sake, this is a video games console, it's nowhere close dying for. He was 15, he should have known A LOT BETTER. He'd be in grade 9 or going into grade 10. I agree with the kid being disciplined but don't let the damn kid run away, and don't be so sure he'll come back.

The father has learnt his lesson the hardest way possible for a parent, losing his child. Condolences to his family.

Ju, this is partially everyone's fault... If the kid was disciplined much earlier at a younger age, he probably would not have not done something so extreme to prove a point.

Heldrasil3662d ago

Doesn't matter if they have kids or not, they are dead on in their perception of the situation.

I have kids, and see it as a parents responsibility to keep their children "away from the games" if they become a little to attached. It is a parents obligation and "job" to set limits. It is sad to say, but I believe this kids parents probably had more of hand in his disappearance than a game console...maybe they should have given him a bit more attention, self esteem and self reliance.

The Matrix3662d ago

This story is fake. Where's the proof? Right here: "Xbox 360."

Ju3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Thx FCC for the background story. This sounds very tragic. I wish no parent needs to go thru things like this. Its terrible. And I agree its possibly a complex situation which is hard to fully understand why things happen that way. Its neither "just the parents", nor a "bad kid" nor "just video games". People like to simplify, though.

jadenkorri3662d ago

first of all this is a parenting problem, not a vidoe game problem...kid playing Call of Duty 4, a game rate "M" MATURE... you stupid f'ing parents, that kid ain't 17.... he shouldn't even be playing that game... Stop blaming gaming, or an addiction that don't exist, its not drugs, i quit gaming while i went to college, there was no time for games while there and ive been playing since atari...and i didn't fall on the ground twitching for a fix of video games...thats drugs not video games. Parents, go look in a mirror and point, its 90% you fault...

shovelbum3662d ago

As with all humans children are the sum of their experiences. Since he was a child then the only fault lies with his family, upbringing or genetic. The parents always have a hand in the outcome of children both good and bad. As a parent it's easy to just send a child to their room and let them get lost in video games but a good parent has to balance the time between fantasy and reality. It's sad and unfortunate but a video game will not cause anyone to do anything that wasn't already festering inside them. I think a game can be a catalyst but never the reason. There is certainly more to this story than is being reported at this time.

uie4rhig3662d ago

@1.2.. while i agree, you dont have to be a parent to understand some things, its the parents fault for letting the kid buy the game in the first place (i recall that he was 15 right?) while the game is most likely to blame, the parents are just as much to blame..

Montrealien3662d ago

(Brandon’s parents said he was addicted to the game and it was affecting his school and social life. When he said he was going to run away on Thanksgiving Monday, his father HELPED HIM PACK HIS KNAPSACK and let him leave – assuming, he said, that Brandon would be back hours later or at worst the next day.)


Raz3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I 'ran away' at that age too. Several times - but I always came back, because really; where was I going to go? It's a temper tantrum sort of thing, and yes, it has roots in parental treatment, but also in the disposition of the child (a *combination* of nature and nurture - genes play a role here).

Bad parenting? It's easy to play that card, but there are no solid rules about 'good parenting'. Being a father or mother is more complex than just NOT doing certain things. So if you've figured out a universal system of child-rearing that will raise happy, well-adjusted human beings, please share it with the world; I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

But you won't, because we aren't assembly-line products, where to understand one is to understand all - we're people. There is no such thing as universal psychology, and we understand precious little about ourselves and others as it is. All any parent can do is what seems best to them at the time, and try hard not to f•ck up (though they inevitably do anyway; so maybe the best we can hope for is to make small mistakes).

Parents aren't infallible gods, not should they be expected to be. They generally do the best they can with what they know. This likely was a run-of-the-mill childhood tantrum, that would have resolved itself had something (or someone) else not intervened. It's highly unlikely that this is a suicide: it is probably murder.

No, I don't know the particulars, but this smacks of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I do find it silly that console games are being blamed, and tagged as something requiring addiction therapy; but I suppose it's natural to try and find blame when faced with something so utterly senseless...just to have something to hold on to.

n4gzz3661d ago

One words "Bad parenting".

BWS19823661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

but I'll add this: addiction doesn't have to be to a substance, study a little psychology, it's chemically involved. You can be addicted to biting your nails, donuts, exercise, watching a tv show, sex, drugs, and yes, video games. It doesn't have to enter your system to enact. It's mental.

But that is not to blame the "addiction" (if this was a case of it, either way), that is to blame the situation or kid or parents, more so than any stimuli in their lives. If he had a problem with time allotment on his 360, that isn't to blame the 360. Do you blame your teeth if you can't stop biting your nails? Do you blame Frito Lay for a snack addiction?

sumguy813661d ago

"Child found dead, parents blame themselves."

tsincaat3661d ago

It is the parents fault. It's not to say that they aren't doing their best to raise their child, each child picks up much of their parenting from their parents. It doesn't however change the fact that it was their parenting that caused their child to grow up and indirectly act in the way he did.

We can get this much straight, the game had nothing to do with it. He enjoys playing games, and taking his xbox or game away is the same as taking away anyone elses favorite activity.

PopEmUp3661d ago

that this isn't about gaming, I thought this suppose to be gaming site not some daily news of accident, If you people like to read this kind of new, head to cnn or fox for their lame everyday news

Btw it mention he died cause of 360 that just stupid, it obviously the parent fault for not taking care of the kid and make him run away, how bad a parents in parenting that you could possibly be, out of my book I guess

BWS19823661d ago

regular "gaming news" in the light that the incessant blame for games and media is annoying and narrowminded. Games and media are constantly the scapegoats in "mainstream media" when a tragedy like this happens, so in a big sense, it IS about games, this touches on gaming and media in a big way. It shouldn't be about games, because it's not the 360's fault, but much of the world sees it as being about games, and we can't escape that.

Jamegohanssj53661d ago

I really don't care. I blame Obama to tell you the truth not the parents.


kosha3661d ago

Lol how can u blame obama. Whats he done?

Megatron083661d ago

Yeah parents buy video system cause they are cheaper then baby sitters then wonder why all lil jimmy does is play games all day. Parents that are never around blaming video games when something goes wrong when they were the ones that use them for baby sitter to start with

same old crap we hear about all the time

witchking3661d ago

It is a Mature-rated game for a reason. The parents should not be allowing their kids to play M-rated games. Heck, my kids aren't allowed to play any FPS regardless of its rating. Be a parent to your kids. Don't let the video game console be their parent.

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NBA09TheInsideFlop3662d ago

so did he kill himself or was he murdered?
if he killed himself then he had bigger problems than video games and i would look at the parents before i look at his entertainment choices.

elorm93662d ago

Who else would've done it? I don't think just anyone on the streets would do that.

mesh13662d ago

omg guys you must read this nathan hail become a chimara humaniod type thing then 1 of his comarades asks him waits going on and then shoots nathan hail as he had become 1 of the chimara that is the end of resisitance he dies .

BLUR1113661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

you are exacly right insideflop

MAiKU3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Bad Parenting and their Irresponsibility.

Not games. Not TV. Not Toys. Not Books. Not School. Parents.

It's their responsibility and now his death is in their hands, no matter how they wanna shake it to everybody and themselves, they'll never be able to fool themselves fully.

And blaming others isn't going to make their parenting any better.

Beast_Master3661d ago

The game was rated M for Mature (Means he shouldn't even own a copy of the game)....and the verdict is in....BAD PARENTING!!

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Darkseider3662d ago

When parent's have to blame something else other than themselves when something bad happens to their child(ren). I am a father of three, 2 boys ages 8 and 9 and one girl age 14. We sit and talk, I help them with homework, we go out and play. We also play video games together and they play video games as well. If they misbehave I take their priviledge to play the games away for a few days and explain to them why I have done so. Funny thing is, they don't run away and their behavior improves every time.

Why? Simple, I parent my children. I teach them right from wrong and what is acceptable behavior. I take resposibility for their behavior and if they misbehave they are made aware and have a consequence. Society if falling in on itself when parents and other people, like Dr. David Walsh, start to blame others for what they have done and have failed to do as parents.

ZombieNinjaPanda3662d ago

I am glad you are a responsible parent.

InMyOpinion3662d ago

Explaining > yelling > hitting

creeping judas3662d ago

What youre doing is teaching your kids consequences to their actions. I am also a father to a 7yr old who is starting to like playing video games. And if she acts up, then she doesnt get to play. I think it's too late to try and teach consequences to kids at a later date.

I feel bad for Brandon's parents, and my condolences go out to them. But there's more to this story then COD4 and online gaming that we are not hearing.

Ju3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Darkseider, this seams to be a reasonable response, and while I disagree to put blame just on to video games I also believe video games do have an impact on the behavior of your kids. And you confirm this with the example of taking away the games for a while and things calm down again. I can just confirm this is also my observation. I do have a 8 and (almost) 11 year old. And at some point we need to limit the play time. I also try to keep a balance of non action games and causal games. And don't expose them to violent content, neither. However, painting a black and white picture won't solve the problem. Video games and kids should be taken seriously.

FCC3662d ago

Exactly Jenzo, though I don't really agree on hitting, I must admit, you must do what you have to do to discipline your kids to stop them from lashing out and doing unacceptable things.

When I was young, my parents used to show me examples from the news to teach me, or if I did something unacceptable, they'd yell followed by explanation. If I ever did refuse to listen, they'd hit me on the hand or something.

Things like this scare my girlfriend and I...

Darkseider3662d ago

Thank you for the comment. To think about the comment though is scary.

"I am glad you are a responsible parent."

That should just be the way it is when anyone becomes a parent, be a responsible parent. Otherwise they shouldn't have become a parent at all if they are not ready to accept the responsibilities with bringing up a child(ren).

Darkseider3662d ago

I used the taking away of video games only as an example due to the article of saying that because they took his video game away he ran away. Sometimes they get TV taken away for a night or two. Other times they may not be allowed to go play outside with their friends if they misbehaved. It's a plethora of different punishments and no one is a cure all or fit all. My daughter being older has more or less the same. Take her cell phone privledges away. Be in earlier on the weekends because she is punished or shrugged her chores, etc...

Again I only used video games as an example when I stated it as a retort to the article. In any case my children don't run away. They don't throw fits.. well sometimes my daughter does, the whole teen angst thing. But when explained to them why they are punsihed they understand and their behavior improves. Most of the time they won't misbehave in that manner again ever knowing that they will have a consequence.

Ju3662d ago

I see. And still, you never know. Simplifying the problem doesn't help. Puberty can lead to irrational behavior. It can just be a very small thing and a result like this can happen. No matter how well behaved kids are. There are just so many thing a parent can miss, unconsciously. If there would be a simple answer, things like this wouldn't happen.

Darkseider3662d ago

If there were a simple answer things like this wouldn't happen. But regardless of whether there is a simple answer, a complex solution or none at all. To blame a video game, movie, song, book or anyone else before looking at yourself is nothing more than a convenient excuse. Parents don't want to believe that their child does drugs or is a bully but it is this denial and being blinded to the obvious that is the cause of most if not all of these occurences when you really look at it.

ZombieNinjaPanda3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Thank you for the comment. To think about the comment though is scary."

I say that, because, you seem to be a smart parent, teaching your children right from wrong, fiction from reality.

Most of the time, I always hear parents blaming games, and people blaming games for violence occurring today.

I'm just happy to know some people are teaching their children :)

Edit: Jenzo I agree.

But I get yelled at a lot. :/

Ju3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Yes, I agree. Some parents live in denial. I'd file this under social pressure. I think one thing I'd like to add, is, having an open mind and trying to listen to your kids (I mean our kids) and their problems is also a way to approach things like this.

VampHuntD3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

MORE parents
LESS people with kids

(In case you don't get it, a parent parents, while a person with kids (while technically a parent) is not parenting and thus a person with kids).

And for the record, no it's not 100% the parents fault. The kid had issues if he's willing to run away over a console. And no matter what the circumstance behind it, it's still really sad and I feel for his parents.

steveg25643661d ago

I hate to say it but it is the parents fault. Unfortunately it's something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. It sounds like there were quite a few factors that lead to this and I'm sure there's a lot more that no one knows at this point. I don't want to be overly judgmental and every case is unique, but it sure sounds like not such a good case of parenting with what's been presented in this story. It's a tragedy that could have and should have been avoided.

BWS19823661d ago

I'd like to correlate an anology. Should that "addiction" or problem been with sports, and his parents took away his footballs, and the same thing happened, would we all be blaming sports and athletes? Think about it.

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m233662d ago

This is sad. I agree with Jeff that just because he played games, it becomes the cause of this. Either way, it is really sad even after hearing the murder of Julian King and now Brandon Crisp and god knows how many others.

Aclay3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I can't stand it when parents and the media are so quick to blame video games. There are movies that are just as violent/more violent than some video games, but they barely get mentioned at all.

I think that most kids can differentiate between reality and virtual reality. To me, watching a violent movie on screen seems like it could be even more influential on kids than video games because in a movie you actually see REAL people shooting up other people and with the technology in movies now, it looks more realistic than a video game.

kosha3661d ago

Get used to it aclay because i guarantee you will see another similar story in the future