Gears of War 2's Horde Mode Survival Guide

Horde is sweet, but don't go in blind. These tips will transform you from chump to champ.

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m233691d ago

I'll probably be playing with random people, I only have a couple friends on Live and only one or two are getting gears 2. Send me a friend request if you want: Munish Thiara

JeffGUNZ3691d ago

Good point with the headset, but ironic they show the wireless, since I will be playing this game for 24 hours straight and the headset last about 2 hours.

himdeel3691d ago

...don't suck and if you run out there like a jackass you deserve to die a quick and brutal death. :)

Just a little frustrated by ridiculously petty players who refuse to worth with you in multiplay.