Sacred 2: RPG Heaven?

2 full campaigns, "drop-in" cooperative multiplayer, 6 story lines, and completely customizable characters.

Ascaron Entertainment is bringing quite a bit to the table this time around. You have an entire world at your fingertips. Seamlessly woven together for hours upon hours of exploration, monumental battles, and bloodcurdling dungeons. S2:FA is a very ambitious title and if they can pull it off, this could be one of the greatest RPGs ever made.

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Pennywise3664d ago

Wasnt there a Ps3 version of this game? Find it hard to believe atari will shaft Sony users again.

bgrundman3664d ago

I believe that the games is now a PC and 360 exclusive, sorry Pennywise.

killyourfm3664d ago

Right you are Pennywise - although their PR company certainly isn't promoting it...

I'll make the category adjustment...Thank you.

bgrundman3664d ago

Looks like I stand corrected... sorry for the misinformation!

killyourfm3664d ago

I need to contact Relate PR about this - the video shows only a 360 version alongside the PC box art. GamesPress however shows a simultaneous PS3/360 release in February 09.

I'll get hold of my PR contact and get back to you, gang.

Pennywise3664d ago

Well this game was on my radar for a good RPG, but I went to and it isnt listed for PS3. I could of sworn they announced it for PC and consoles.

I hope it is, would love to hear what their PR division says.

bgrundman3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Now that is what I call service! Thanks for looking into that.

SixTwoTwo3664d ago

There is a PS3 version. At the end of the video they stuck it behind the 360 boxart making it difficult to notice.

killyourfm3664d ago

Lila Yee at RelatePR has confirmed that a PS3 version is being produced.

Pennywise3664d ago

I thought so!! SOOOO Is it due in Feb??

ThanatosDMC3664d ago

I played the PC demo... it wasnt as good as i expected. Hopefully Diablo 3 will save this type of games.

killyourfm3664d ago

Yep, should be February 17th for PS3/X360

Fox013664d ago

Most of the people I know, that bought the PC version said that the demo wasn't good and that the beginning of the Full retail version is boring, but once you've passed the tutorial, the game is really, really good; RPG/Hack&Slash fan will love it, they said.

I'll wait for the 360 version though; just to be able to play with my XBL freinds.

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JimmyJames703664d ago

I'm becoming a big fan of RPGs and I'm stoked for this one.

creeping judas3664d ago

good stuff, they are some of the better genres on any console IMO.
Ive been playing them for a long time, anyone remember ZORK on the commodore??

CrAppleton3664d ago

Ah.. Zork the great underground empire.. classic!

bgrundman3664d ago

Does anybody know what the minimum specs are to run this bad boy on PC? If that cut scene is reflective of the whole game, you may need quite a rig to pull it off.

killyourfm3664d ago

Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.6 GHz or (Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 20 GB Free (OMG! 20GB????)

Video Memory: 128 MB (GeForce 6200/Radeon X1300/Intel 945GM)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

Jimmy the Greek3664d ago

id like this one but im not a member of the pc gaming master race so ill have to wait until february for the 360 version

CrAppleton3664d ago

As will I. Looking forward to this one though. It'll be nice to see what the PC version has to offer to scope out what we have to look forward to.

killyourfm3664d ago

It's much cheaper, less time consuming, and more headache free to be part of the console race anyway ;-)

CrAppleton3664d ago

As Killyourfm stated. Gamespress shows a PS3 version to launch alongside the 360 version. So I don't think anyone needs to worry about missing out on this one.

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