Dissidia To Feature Data Install

Do you know how certain games on the PS3 perform a data install so that load times are drastically reduced? Well, it looks like that same feature will be making it's way onto the PSP via Dissidia, Square Enix's new Final Fantasy themed fighter. is reporting that PSP owners will have the choice of installing the data in 245Mb, 373Mb or 528Mb amounts depending on their need for quicker loading times and the size of their memory stick. Now, one might see this as bad due to the amount of memory stick space players are using up, on the other hand, this may be a great step forward for the PSP to help diminish what used to be some pretty insane loading times.

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Dir_en_grey3611d ago

They had this feature for Monster Hunter 2nd G, and it cut the load time to practically non during missions.
Anybody that played the older Monster Hunters can tell you how much load time there was in those games, zero load time KICKS ASS!!!

Cwalat3611d ago

Yeah, no loading times is sweet...
But that's not enough excuse to take 600 MB...
Atleast we have multiple choices... Which is nice...

Let their allways be choices and i'm happy...
But if this turns into a mandatory install shiet... Then F**k no..

Wait... Is this the first sign of a PSP with built in HDD?


sinncross3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Well, ive got a 4gb... so if games start going manic with this feature, which btw I see no problem in if it does indeed help loading, then maybe ill finally upgrade to an 8 or 16gb.
But this shud be purely optional... something devs for the ps3 shud consider taking into account.

3611d ago
ReTarDedFisHy3611d ago

Yeah, they had this in MHF2 and basically loading times were non-existent. Or, you could have an M33 PSP to load through the Memory Stick anyway. :P

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