Far Cry 2 Version 1.01 Patch Released

SnagWire: The first Far Cry 2 patch has been released by Ubisoft and is now available for download. The 42MB update packs multiplayer, singleplayer and map editor bug fixes.

Here are the notes in full...

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Marcello3324d ago

I was hoping they would do something about the respawning guard posts that about 90% of gamers inc. myself were complaining about.

This patch is just minor bug fixes, better than nothing i suppose but Far Cry 2 will remain on the shelf unplayed and collecting dust till i get that respawn tweaked or i might just flock it.

Szarky3323d ago

I was so pumped to get this game. I tried so hard to like it. But I lent it to a friend and am not missing it. 30 min. into Resistance 2 and I'm SO happy with it. I'm actually having "fun".

rosaemil3324d ago

is it a patch for xbox and ps3 too?

ChrisGTR13324d ago

i dont think theres any kind of patch that will fix how unbalanced the piece of sh11t online mode is. guys with rocket launchers with 1 hit kills and automatic shotguns. the online just completely sucks ass after the first day when nobody was using that bs.

Szarky3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

How about your XP points being reset back? Yeap happened to me about 4 times. I would be at lets say about 2800 XP then I would quit the game and the next day I would be 1 level back and lets say something like 2500 XP. Pissed me off so much.

ChrisGTR13323d ago

im not shure but i think the xp only stays if you play in ranked matches. in unranked the xp will reset when you disconnect.

if it reset after playing in ranked than yea i hope they fix that.

Szarky3323d ago

I've only played in ranked matches

shovelbum3323d ago

My XP was been frozen at 280 for over twenty matches now. I'll have to jump on and see if that has been fixed. Love the game but the bugs are a major headache in an otherwise amazing experience.

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pp3324d ago

Is that title wrong shouldn't it be a ps3 patch

3323d ago
BludoTheSmelly3324d ago

I would like the general movement speed to be a little faster. Have to sprint to get across the maps.

Szarky3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Only sensible way is by car and that's a pain in the ass when you're constantly hitting checkpoints or even worse some guys out of nowhere barrel down the road in front of you and hit you or you avoid them but somehow their jeeps are faster than yours and they catch up. Oh but if I take their jeep after I kill them I don't have this magical "catch up speed" as they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.