Late scores: Germany 1 Microsoft 0

The city of Munich decided to review what should be done about upgrading the municipality's computing infrastructure - and specifically the software running on its 14,000 PCs. A thorough examination by consultants UnilogIntegrata AG recommended that the city could save money and increase security by switching from Microsoft to open source software - ie systems based on the Linux operating system and OpenOffice applications.

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Bots Of A Feather Fl3324d ago

Microsoft are Flopping all over the world it seems

NBA09TheInsideFlop3324d ago

14k what a joke. my city just upgraded with ms and they have 60k pc's. i feel sorry for their infotech department having to support open source. report story as lame.

heyheyhey3323d ago

damn your unnecessarily butthurt over a network in Germany not using software made by your one true love...

pp3324d ago

Germany is pathetic country.

robotnik3323d ago

and you are a pathethic kid that will never touch a girl. Well, your mother only.

3323d ago
Gun_Senshi3324d ago

Basic rule of Networking. LINUX FTW

Narutone663324d ago

security and stability is of utmost importance. It's open source and free.

Pain3323d ago

didn't japan do the same many months ago?

so technically 2 - 0

Tomdc3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Kingme speaks sense =P

I like sense! Bubbles!

EDIT: replyed to wrong post...

Kingme is below

Xelai3323d ago

They spent more money in the analysis and the consultants than what they could save. Politics.

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The story is too old to be commented.