DaedalusX64 R14 update: R14 based code is a go

Here's an update on the new Daedalus project, or rather, the DaedalusX64 project, which picks up after StrmnNrmn's R13 release. This update comes from Kreationz, and it looks like a pretty good start for R14:

11/01/08 I've now taken the R13 changes and added them to R14. So, I'm fully switching to the R14 code. So currently:

* R14 Code Base with:
* All R12-R13 broken ROMs now running (TLoZ:MM and others...)
* Speed Limiter Fixed
* Sync displays proper values when Show Framerate is On
* Logo/Preview bug I had in R13 is gone
* Debug Screens are turned off (No pressing [] to continue)

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