What if the Player is Black?

Brenda Brathwaite writes:
A friend of mine, Sheri Graner-Ray, has a well known signature on all her emails: "What if the player is female?" Today, I received a call from an industry colleague of mine who had a similar question:

"What if the player is black?"

You might wonder, "Why didn't he call a black game developer?" Two reasons: a) He didn't know anyone well enough to call them, and b) Something I'll call "politically correct fear." It's a concern at the base of every person who is not the demographic they are curious about.

"If I say to someone, 'Can I ask you about how you perceive blacks in games?'" my friend continued, "will he think I am a racist? And is it okay to say 'black,' or should I say 'African American'?"

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Darkseider3691d ago

Political correctness is just plain WRONG. If you're white you're white, black you're black, red you're red, etc... To sit there and walk on eggshells is ridiculous. A black person is NOT an African American.. they are an American, period. Same goes for an Italian American or Polish American.. they are Americans. PERIOD. Political Correctness causes more problems and seeks to divide people by race, color and creed.