10 minutes of Gears of War 2 Horde Gameplay

Horde mode is the new hotness in Gears of War 2, but what happens when X-Play's Mr. Sark tries to take on wave after wave of Locust with only one ally?

This happens!

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Mr PS33691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

And then The BoTs get the RRoD

read disc error3691d ago

the sound is phenomonal. never heard guns sound so real and visceral in a video game.

chanto233691d ago

looks amazing...can't wait

m233691d ago

Was that on casual, it looked pretty easy the enemies kept missing. Just 2 more days left.

Sony Rep3691d ago

Textures look like recycled food.

Maxned3691d ago

Wait, are you serious?
And on a much more serious note, how the hell do you have more agrees than disagrees?

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The story is too old to be commented.