Play LEGO Batman (PS3) via PSP Remote Play

PSLS reports that LEGO Batman: The Video Game for PS3 is playable via PSP remote play. Even if you don't have the Blu-ray/retail version of the game, the PS3 LEGO Batman demo (available on the PSN for a few weeks) supports remote play, too!

Hopefully more developers will embrace remote play as they get better at programming the PS3 architecture and free up more memory.

Check out the full post with an updated list of other games that are accessible via Remote Play.

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badz1493693d ago

more games support remote play! It will be awesome! this will surely boost PSP sales as well! I know many will love this to be a standard for all PS3 games like trophies!

StalkingSilence3693d ago

It has to do with availability of RAM. I think 8MB of RAM is required to implement Remote Play as a developer tool. So when games are ported from PS2 like this one, this might be more feasable. Or when games are created by developers who know how to conserve memory.