Zero Punctuation reviews Dead Space

This week Zero Punctuation explores the USS Kill Beast Buffet and reviews Dead Space.

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Why o why3490d ago

for me he's getting like bukaku, used to be funny but now its boring.

Bazookajoe_833490d ago

I find him very funny, but you cant take him serious. He often takes small issues and make them a hundred times worse than they are.

2Negativecool3489d ago

I find his reviews to be funny, sharp, and refined as hell. He has the sharpest wit of ANYONE in the gaming industry, and he dispatches any game--no matter how high profile--with an equally foul mouth. This must disturb the naive, but I love what this guy does, and I am never disappointed by what I hear from him.

pumpkinpunker3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

i own dead space but can't get around to playing it yet with fable 2 and fallout 3 also in my possession and I bet it won't get much easier to find time once gears 2 drops.

devilhunterx3490d ago

and yet Gordon Freeman is also a mute, just like Isaac.. hmmm

DiabloRising3490d ago

He was funny when he reviewed what he wanted to, when he wanted to. He feels like now he sold out, and just does it for a paycheck. The moment they dropped the hand picked intro songs that fit with the game with some schlock rock guitar intro, I knew this series was becoming quickly corporatized and homogenized.

Still, good for a chuckle.

EvilCackle3490d ago

Not much you can do about the intro issue. Eventually someone would've gotten on his case for unauthorized use of the songs.

Mr Fancy Pants3490d ago

my personal opinion about Dead Space? the game's too boring... but the boss battles are kinda cool and the graphics are great!

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The story is too old to be commented.