dBTechno: SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALS Confrontation Review


"The truth in my mind though is that the whole idea of SOCOM is to be very tactical, which means that in order for it to have that realistic feel, this is how it has to be.

How can you have a realistic tactical shooter without dying as soon as you are shot?

SOCOM Confrontation on the PS3 is a game that I did enjoy once I got over the steep learning curve. Expect to have a rough time and get your tail whipped for the first several hours of play. Once you get a grasp on how it all plays out though, this is a fun online tactical shooter for the PS3."

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Darkseider3665d ago

Another decent and honest review of SOCOM! The world must be coming to an end or something....

James Vanderbeek3665d ago

once you learn the controls your golden.. I do pretty damn good on this game for being a newbie to the socom world.. I killed a whole team last night and i was the last one standing.. Getting kills in this game are hard to come by like that.. Its not like cod4 where you kill at least 3 or 6 people every search and destroy match like i did..

LevDog3665d ago

The guy marked it down because one death and your done for the round??? Go play respawn.. Thats what makes Socom.. Socom.. You have to use strategy to stay alive and get kills.. Watching your teamate thats alive and talking with your dead teamates is one of the best things about socom.. If your just playing casual with your clanmates, You just talk about whatever.. In a war you can set up your next rounds tactics..

There is a steep learning curve for sure.. Noobs will usually get frustraded and might get turned off to the game.. I recommend Respawn.. Until you know how to aim.. Then try the unranked games that arent respawn.. Then go to ranked games.