CSM: Resistance 2 review


"Even with the outstanding enemy artificial intelligence, nothing beats playing online against other human players. Resistance 2 ships with many co-op and head-to-head multiplayer modes, supporting up to 60 players online. In the team-based Skirmish mode, for example, four to six gamers join a squad, and each has a specific objective to complete, such as advancing to a control point, regrouping with other squads, attacking enemies, defending a base, and so on. An enemy squad, however, has the exact opposite objective as your team, therefore your mission might be to find and destroy a communications post, while the rival squad's task is to protect them at all costs. One of our favorite maps was "Scotia," based on a heavily forested northern Californian town."

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Beast_Master3695d ago

Love the game, beautiful a very well planned muti-player and story. All reviews under 9 are redicullous and are purely for generating site hits. This is crazy!