TGR: Fable II Video Game Review

"The review format is generally pretty straightforward, but when a game like Fable II strolls nonchalantly up to the plate you have to rethink things a bit. For the last few days I've been eating, drinking and sleeping Fable II - and I'm still left wondering if I've missed something that would open up a whole new paragraph, like so many meandering sidequests. Such is the nature of the game: open ended, sometimes overwhelming and full of possibility

For those completely unaware, the Fable series is one that tries to tie the traditional world of the role playing game to moral choice in the fictional land of Albion. You decide what quests to take on, fully aware that your actions may come back to haunt you if you choose to be evil, while equally knowing that the 'good' choice may be more time consuming, awkward or just plain thankless. Still, regardless of what choices you make, the raw day-to-day of the gameplay is largely similar – you equip yourself with swords, crossbows, guns and magic spells and go explore dungeons, caves and castles killing countess baddies in search of loot, fame and fortune."

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