Marcus Fenix causes trouble in London writes: "We've just been sent word and photographic evidence of Marcus Fenix getting into a scuffle with paparazzi after leaving the Groucho Club in London's West End last night. According to one onlooker "Marcus is a big guy and it was pretty scary - he just totally lost the plot"."

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Truplaya3543d ago

no, did you not hear that characters can jump out of your TV into the real world and terrorise nightclubs in London?

ultimolu3543d ago


That was very funny.

m233542d ago

What I meant was this is one of the most stupid stories I have ever seen on N4G. I can't believe it even got approved.

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Johnny Rotten3543d ago

yep... roid rage will do that to ya!

Old Snake_3543d ago

Marcus Fenix has changed...

Dmitry Orlov3543d ago

maybe it was a locust in disguise...

meepmoopmeep3543d ago

it's the roids, i tellz ya!
the roidz!!!

Capt CHAOS3543d ago

a) He's lost some weight
b) His nose has grown longer
c) He's aged a bit
d) He's lost his crew
e) He's had to take a black cab because he mis-placed the keys to his TZ74-Troop-carrier-tank-plus-j ets vehicle.

Fishy Fingers3543d ago

What's up? Photographer look like Nathan Hale or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.