PC piracy is a 'huge concern' warns Red Alert 3 dev

PC piracy is a "huge concern", Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 producer David Silverman has warned.

Speaking to Silverman, who also works as a presenter for C&C TV, said that a "different approach" that includes digital distribution and micro-transactions will help tackle piracy on the PC in the future.

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kevnb3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

just like the music industry... Anyone that argues is in denial, pc gaming is slowly dying and wont rebound until someone can stop piracy. Mind you there are a few exceptions like Blizzard and Valve, but two companies isn't what I call a thriving industry.

vitz33666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

PC Gaming is going to slowly die because of EA.

Draconian DRM, broken in-the-box games (ala' Battlefield 2142), RootKit installs, and now with RA3, incomplete Serial Keys.

What the hell EA?

IdleLeeSiuLung3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

PC gaming is doomed already.... the more restrictive they get, the less people buy em. What a great cycle.

Piracy is always a problem, but DRM is a bigger problem.

Kaecyus3666d ago

Don't forget Bethesda. They've just slid a CD-check in. That's all.

farhsa20083666d ago

well they should have addresses this a long time ago, however its better late than never

Enterprise-E3666d ago

I am PC gamer first. I started casual playing Video Games with the SNES and Sega Genesis but the PC was the one that got me hooked. First Game I played was C&C 95. I still defend PC gaming but it sad that Pirates and Piracy killing it.

You would think after MS made that PC gaming Alliance that finally will see PC gaming take back the stage but as we all know from that announcement that it was just what it was. An Announcement.

Charmers3666d ago

There is a simple reason why no one is buying EA's crap on the PC, we are all too busy playing fallout 3.

zonetrooper53666d ago

PC is not dying so please stop saying that.

Draconian DRM - This is the reason why I get put off PC games because of the crappy and unfair DRM which limits me, a legit customer. Look at Steam, or games like World In Conflict or even Company of Heroes for a fair DRM and which is harder to pirate. Alot of games companies just don't seem to understand the PC games market.

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