Is the Xbox 360's Thumbstick in Gears of War 2 Too Sticky?

PC World writes:

"If you're in a joystick's dead zone (dead center) and zeroed on an enemy and the enemy suddenly moves, the trick is obviously to follow the enemy. In games like Gears 2, where you hit is important too, so shots to the head sap life quicker than arms, legs, or gut. It's prettied-up Duck Hunt, with the duck carved into pieces and able to take cover and return fire or shrewdly flank and rush. Trouble is, the Xbox 360's gamepad takes slightly more motion to get its aiming reticule moving at all. Coupled with its higher resistance, this can lead to overcompensation and sloppily jostling the reticule back and forth just to line things back up properly. A certain amount of that's game design, i.e. intentional difficulty, but given how evasively able the enemies here tend to be, it feels like a slight hardware design defect you're always fighting to fine-motor around."

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Mr PS33631d ago

It Just the Whole Pad
Its Just SH!T

InMyOpinion3631d ago

Hmmm, I think the concave thumbstick gives me better precision than most other gamepads. What I like about Gears is that it takes some skill to keep your crosshairs stuck on an enemy. You can't just get headshot after headshot without any skill like in some other shooters.

na2ru13631d ago

I have been complaining about that for a while. You simply cannot fine tune the movement of the crosshair. The 360's analogues are technichally too stiff and less sensitive.

Although the PS3's analogues are not concaved, it has a far far superior and perfected analogue. You don't feel the springs or any stiffness even after you maneuver the analogue back to the centre and out again. It's why i do well in COD4 and Uncharted