Gamer 2.0: Star Ocean: First Departure Review

While The First Departure has a questionable length (less than 30 hours) compared to other RPG's along with more than a few rough edges here and there, it's worth noting that The First Departure is still the very first in this solid series. The game pales in comparison with most other games if you treat it as a new game, but as a standalone first entry, it's honestly aged a whole lot better than the first entries to games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Suikoden, and other RPG's. Depending on your tastes and allowance for rough edges, you may want to wait until this game hits the bargain bin, but for what it's worth-this is a great setup for its amazing sequel and definitely the best place to start for people who haven't gotten into Star Ocean yet.

Gameplay: 7
Visuals: 8
Audio: 7
Value: 7
Quality: 7

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