PSP is Reevoo's top gaming pick

Xbox 360 comes second, according to consumer advice group; PS3 languishes in seventh place.

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thereapersson3667d ago

The site chose the Xbox 360 as its second top pick, owing mainly to the fact that it can be bought for as little as £120. Nintendo’s Wii and DS Lite came third and fourth respectively, with Sony’s original ‘fat’ PSP claiming fifth.

PS3 was seventh in the rankings having come under criticism for its high price. The site said of the machine: “Most people rate the PS3 as relatively poor value for money.”

This statement is so full of FAIL, it's ridiculous.

Nineball21123667d ago

If anything, it's a fantastic value for the money.

thereapersson3667d ago

Anything people can do to try to keep themselves from buying one, I guess...

sprinterboy3667d ago

Agree, shame on them, Value for money has been great, come on I subscribe to for £9.99 Per Month, I have become a blu-ray whore over the last year and a half plus games plus a decent web browser, music, photos and even contributing to folding at Home. People must like having things which are not good value for money these days I guess ?

Karum3667d ago

They talk about the PS3 being poor value for money yet cite the 360 as a great buy because of it's low price point. I wonder did they bother looking at what you get out of the box with both machines.

The probable answer would be no.

However I do want a PSP so they might be onto something as far as that is concerned!