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Submitted by skynidas 2657d ago | preview

Kikizo: GTA IV: PC Version Hands-On

Kikizo writes: "With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC just one month away, it's no coincidence that I'm doing some serious PC upgrading. After all, what better excuse to play through the most awesome game of the year than to experience a powerful visual update to the already-stunning console versions?". (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC)

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Charmers  +   2656d ago
Well I can honestly say I have never heard of this site, but that is the best preview I have seen yet of the PC version. It really does sound like Rockstar have gone to town to create a truly special experience on the PC.

I know many PC gamers have been up in arms about the requirements however having read that preview it makes a lot of sense. I seriously cannot wait to play this all over again on my PC the only fly in the ointment is the possible delay till 2nd December.
theEnemy  +   2656d ago
In Before "GTA:IV(PC) Leaked on Torrent Sites".
Charmers  +   2656d ago
Too late the 360 version got leaked onto the torrent sites a long long time ago.
theEnemy  +   2656d ago
You do realize that GTA:IV (360/PS3)'s development period is not the same as the PC version right ?
Charmers  +   2656d ago
you were the one that tried to have a cheap shot at the PC version. The fact is it is very rare for the PC version to get leaked before the game is released. Now lets contrast that with the fact nearly EVERY single xbox 360 game gets leaked weeks before it is released shall we eh.

Besides is it any wonder the PC version has taken longer we are getting a better game for it, better graphics, more features and enhanced multi player. PC gamers wanted better than the consoles and we are prepared to wait for it. I think Rockstar have done a fantastic job from what I have read. They started a new on the PC and have managed to bring a superior product to the PC in under a year (apparently they started work on the PC version in January 2007).
robotnik  +   2656d ago
Cool mods please.
xg-ei8ht  +   2656d ago
Higher Quality Textures - Ram
Higher Quality Shadows - Depends which console version, PS3's shadows are better then 360.
360 runs at higher rez then PS3- Good for a port though.
Bigger View distance then console - More ram.

Processing wise, i doubt they even touched the cell. I'd like all devs to plainly put up spu usage like insomniac does.

I'll try it on PC though.

The city does look massive.

And i can't resist taking a chopper up for a view.
PainisCupcake  +   2656d ago
PS3 version was not a port, both versions were built from the ground up
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xwabbit  +   2656d ago
kevnb  +   2656d ago
Im tempted to play all over again
I found a sixaxis driver on the net too, so Im all set.
inane   2656d ago | Spam
xg-ei8ht  +   2656d ago
The ps3 version was late to the party and as such had less optimization of the 2 console versions.

It was not built from ground up.

The engine used was well catered to the 360. And pc etc.

Unless you use alot of spu's and cull, you won't find the performance of the other 2.

Disagrees for saying i'd play on pc,lol.

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