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The Current State Of Final Fantasy

The last we heard of Final Fantasy was at the Tokyo Game Show this past month. The event basically had next to nothing new for Final Fantasy players. Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy, on the other hand has decided to jump on the Super Smash Bros. bandwagon that so many other developers have done before. Square Enix's being Dissidia: Final Fantasy, wherein they're pitting the lead characters and villains from the main series against each other in one-on-one battles in yet another off-shoot Final Fantasy title.

This however is not the Final Fantasy most fans are craving for. That would be Final Fantasy XIII, and the wait for it has been a very long and one-sided one for fans. The title was announced over two and a half years ago, and is projected to not hit shelves in North America until this time next year.

It's time to delve into what's going on with Final Fantasy, so hit the jump to read more. (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Culture, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, Nintendo DS, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360)

chaosatom  +   2337d ago
I hoping to see some gameplay before the end of year.
Skyreno  +   2337d ago
im having problems opening page :(
mephman  +   2337d ago
Works fine for me, what's happening when you try to view?
Bnet343  +   2337d ago
The site crashed because OBAMA WON!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! America will rise again!
fury  +   2337d ago
I think I'm going to drink a beer now.

Obama for President w00t!


this is not merely a victory, this is complete OWNAGE!
Martin Luther King's dream has come true!


I can't wait for ff13! glad everyone will be able to enjoy this game.
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UltimateIdiot911  +   2337d ago
Keep politics out of this.

Hopefully, FFXIII will be great and not one of those games that feel half-a$$.
fury  +   2337d ago
@ UltimateIdiot911
I really miss JRPGs in this current gen. I think ff13 will actually be one of the few RPGs that will deliver.

Final Fantasy and half-assed = that does not match
UltimateIdiot911  +   2337d ago
Well, I hope that's not the case. SE is becoming more and more like EA.
I have to admit though, recently, EA is picking up and actually has spark some interest again.
INehalemEXI  +   2337d ago
Actualy Square did an FF Fighter way back in the ps1 days called ehrgeiz back in 1999 which predates SSBB and SSBM. They hopped on no bandwagon sir, started a trend is more like it.

I looks forward to Dissidia and sadly the game most FF fans are waiting for is an FF7 next gen title. That tech demo was the worse tease.

Edit: True for me the games value came from those FF character inclusions. I am proof that marketing tactic worked lol.

SE is pissing fans off with there closed mega theaters too.
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mephman  +   2337d ago
That's semi-true. Ehrgeiz was a title in its own right with its own story and cast - Ken "Godhand" Mishima anyone?

They just included a few Final Fantasy VII characters to try and boost sales.
Peter Griffin  +   2337d ago
til this day i cant properly pronounce the name of that title smh
baum  +   2337d ago
Final Fantasy? Does anybody still care?
Square Enix is becoming the next Atari or Midway while Level 5 is the next Square Enix.
Danja  +   2337d ago
I still care about this game I really dont care that they sold out to M$ , aslong they actually finish the game before this gen is over , lol seems at the rate there going this game wont be out till the PS4 launch..

Im more excited for KH3 though

Level 5 is actually the best RPG devs btw..!!
Homicide  +   2337d ago
No JRPG can compare to Final Fantasy in terms of epicness and presentation. Let's hope some gameplay footage is shown before the year.
I Got 99 Problems Bu  +   2337d ago
I ain't even that interested in it anymore
RAF-TECH  +   2337d ago
Cuz FF13 went multi.

but wait.. PS3 fans still love VERSUS ...
LOL, your 99 problems
are 99 exclusives going multi
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CAPT IRISH  +   2337d ago
we will all be dead by the time ff13 comes out
Fruit Loops  +   2337d ago
i really hate how
they delayed the PS3 version just for the 360 counterpart, now we wait here in America even LONGER
J BO  +   2337d ago
why still there are news about FF13? most players had fed up with this sh!t every time and still no game play.
Zerodin  +   2337d ago
I lost interest in the series...
When 7 came out.
PopEmUp  +   2337d ago
I thought 7 was the best in the series hmm......
Zerodin  +   2337d ago
To me...
7 is when J-pop garbage took over. Turned a series that appealed to everyone into something that only appeals to J-philes, and otakus.
Seraphim  +   2337d ago
Square always takes half a decade to release a new Final Fantasy. Their games always take a good 3-5 years. So it's no surprise to anyone who's lived more than a decade and a half that this game is taking a mind numbingly long time to develop and details are scarce. Square and Final Fantasy is the equivalent of the Japanese Blizzard in that they're quick to announce a flagship title but always take their sweet a$$ time developing it... then again, that's how it goes if you want to actually create a great game from the ground up starting w/ concept, engine/story, then development. Any game that creates an entirely new engine is going to take at the very least 2 years to develop and if it only takes two years then there's some very talented and effecient programmers creating said engine...
TapiocaMilkTea  +   2337d ago
Hopefully after they get the engine worked out, FF14, 15, and 16 will be come out much faster
Shadow Man  +   2337d ago
Barack Obama is now Presidet of The United States!!!
BLUR111  +   2337d ago
WOOOOOOOOOOooooooo oooooo

OBAMA 08!!!!
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PopEmUp  +   2337d ago
Yeh that indeed is great news
McCaine is just one old Grandpa he gonna get a Heart attack soon anyway:P
Danja  +   2337d ago
I knew he was gonna win when I saw he had like a 100pts lead over MCcain , it's almost sad by how big of a Margin MCcain lost by..lol
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gambare  +   2337d ago
I want to see the final product
As an FF fan I want to see what's the next story.

offtopic: Woooooooo!!! Obama won!!!
sirbigam  +   2337d ago
Yu guys hoping on every post about this game are sad, come on this game is coming out like a year from now, it's not coming out in a month or anything people calm the hell down.

I'd rather have an FF7 remake, they practically have a whole new generation that has never played it, they're real bastards, they know it's the best game they ever made, and don't want it ever overshadowing their other new game installments.

Hell YA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kewlkat007  +   2337d ago
I'v e been on an JRPG grind thx to the Xbox 360
Will get this for the Ps3 though.
This game takes forever
Makes me wonder when the next game is coming out
robotnik  +   2337d ago
Persona 3 FES and the upcoming Persona 4 if it makes it to Europe will keep me busy for a long time.
Enate  +   2337d ago
I think so...
Its funny that some people say that Square is becoming more like EA I think its more like what EA used to be. With games like Dead Space an Mirrors Edge they are indeed picking it up. It took other companies to get major shine for them to wake up an realize we won't buy trash. To me Square needs WKC to be an amazing game beyond measure for them to wake up other wise we will be playing the waiting game with Square again only to get another FFXII let down.
No FanS Land  +   2337d ago
it's time someone kicked out yoichi wada:
since he became president, when squaresoft and enix merged

a sequel to FFX was announced (good sales, let's make a sequel!)

FFXI is an MMORPG (hey everyone pays 20 bucks a month!)

compilation of FFVII (best selling FF, let's milk to hell its influence)

FFXII (nothing to say about it, it's like FFX, there's no money business behind it) however: FFXII: reverant wings.

FFXIII is multiplatform. It says it all.

countless other spin-offs (like in the article with kingdom hearts as an exapmle)

the massive remakes of the 1st FF generation: WTF? on GBA, then some on psp (I and II) and then some again on DS! (currently we only count FFIV because the ds release of FFIII is its first ever in america).

FFTA2 grimoire of rift: the entire soundtrack is a remix of the original FFTA on GBA.

the only title that I commercialy respect is actually FFT: war of the lions, because it's much more polished + videos.

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