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Submitted by deanobi 2658d ago | article

Top 5 Hardest Final Fantasy Bosses

The Final Fantasy series has produced extraordinary epic boss battles on numerous occasions. One of the most asked questions though is which Boss from the Final Fantasy series is the most differcult? (Final Fantasy VII onwards)

Usually in the Video Game industry the final bosses would naturally be the hardest. However in Final Fantasy this is not the case, with difficulties waiting around every corner.

We've compiled our top 5 which can be found below. (Contains Spoilers) Do you agree? (Culture, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII, PC, PS2, PSP)

coolfool  +   2658d ago
they missed a few
Although I would agree with the final fantasy VII choices. Those were always difficult.

I thought the bosses in FFXII on the otherhand were quite easy.
GrieverSoul  +   2658d ago
Yeah, FFVIII boss Ultima Weapon where really hard IMO. Much harder than Diablos.

Diablos on the other hand was a piece of cake! U just had to draw DEMI magic and use it against him! It wouldn´t matter if u fight him at lv20 or lv50, he would level up as u do from the moment Cid gives u the Magic Lamp. The DEMI magic would do 9999 to him, after he starts getting 2222 hp hits or so, you would attack him. EASY!
ThanatosDMC  +   2658d ago
Demi takes 1/4 of your life. The other stronger magic takes more Gravejia or something.

Ultima easily gets owned by Omega Weapon in FF8. You need Hero and a lot of Aura magic and Squal's Lionheart, plus Irvine fast shots, plus Zell's cheapest fastest combo.
MelaDarkwood  +   2658d ago
I never did beat Omega Weapon.... Sigh. =\
Megaton  +   2658d ago
Pretty poor list. Yiazmat and Omega MK XII were harder than the ones he listed for XII, and Ruby Weapon is the hardest in VII.
hay  +   2658d ago
Yeah, no Yazmat a Omega? I could arguably add Shinryuu or Omega from FF5, they were quite badass.
spectyre  +   2658d ago
Have to agree
Ruby Weapon was a m-f-er.
Le-mo  +   2658d ago
None of the bosses from Final Fantasy XII should be on the list. They were easy as heck.
moe84  +   2658d ago
Arguably Diablos(VIII), depending on your level/s when you fight him. Other wise, I would remove Materia Keeper, and Demon Gate from FFVII, and replace them with Ruby Weapon(VII), Omega Weapon(VIII), and/or Ozma(IX).

Didn't play XII, so I wouldn't know about those fights.
Myze  +   2658d ago
That's kind of the problem with any Final Fantasy boss. It greatly depends on what level you are when you fight them. If you are max level, which you probably will be to kill bosses like Yazmat, Emerald/Ruby Weapon, some of the created mobs in FFX (although they aren't really bosses), etc., these guys aren't difficult, other than the fact you spend an enormous amount of extra time.

The thing is, some bosses are impossible without specific items, which doesn't really translate into difficulty, but time consumption again. So whether it's outleveling a fight, or just knowing the one strategy that works, I'm not sure I would consider it "difficult" in the same sense an action game with a set number of lives is difficult. (Don't get me wrong on any of this, I love the FF series, although I'm still mad they wasted the FFT series with lackluster GBA/DS installments)
RAF-TECH  +   2658d ago
if you don't have the ribbon
RUBY WEAPON is the ultimate Boss in JRPG history.


Emerald weapon was too easy. I could beat him one character.
J@D  +   2658d ago
For me Omega Weapon from FF8 as the most harder of all.
hay  +   2658d ago
Killed it in three rounds...
mintaro  +   2658d ago
Omega Weapon was soft, Lionheart made it too easy...forgot to draw for Eden though...
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riksweeney  +   2658d ago
1 Round using Zell's infinite combo...
moe84  +   2658d ago
I drew Eden from Ultimate Weapon much earlier than Disc 4. *Shrug*

Still had an issue with this guy(Omega Weapon). Everything maxed out and still got handed my butt on a silver platter. Ozma gave me a lot of trouble also. He just didn't like me.. =(

In addition. Early in IX, there is a "Magic Book" you can fight on your way to rescue the Princess(Dagger). He's quite a pain in the ass.
Ngai  +   2658d ago
Some HNM's in XII were VERY tough.
Do FFXI bosses count? As in story line boss fights..
FFXI is by far the toughest Final Fantasy out there. But i guess it's different..
#7 (Edited 2658d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
moe84  +   2658d ago
Doubt they are taking XI into consideration. Being an MMO, you have to rely on other people to get the job done. The rest are 1 or 2 player, depending on which game you're playing.

Off topic: I still think they shouldn't have given XI the number it has. And replaced it with an actual Final Fantasy. Just calling XI, "Final Fantasy Chains of Promathia". Or just "Final Fantasy Online", would have been better.
riksweeney  +   2658d ago
(Ignoring the optional bosses)

Seymour Flux from X. I died so many times against him it wasn't funny.
Counter_ACT  +   2658d ago
Pretty bad list. Where's Pennance, or the dark aeons? Theyre much harder than Tiamat from FFXII. That was a story boss about half way through the game! The last boss was harder than him.
Jecht  +   2658d ago
Penance should be there too, just like you said. The Dark Aeons were HARD mofo's to beat.
riksweeney  +   2658d ago
Materia Keeper is the only one on the list I agree with. I was hideously under powered the first time I got to him. Thankfully Square had the common sense to put a save point next to him. In the end I found out that Bio did more damage than he could heal so I managed to get around him in the end.

On the next playthrough I was ready for him though...
LethalToxins  +   2658d ago
Omega Weapon w/o using cheap invincible.
Ruby Weapon
what the heck...Chaos.
Reibooi  +   2658d ago
They missed a few big ones. What About Omega and Ruby Weapon? Sure if you knew a few tricks you could take them down but that can be said for almost all bosses. Also what about Yizmat from FFXII that thing took hrs to take down and it was no cake walk either.
gerol  +   2658d ago
Diablos is very easy IMO. Ultima Weapon is much more difficult ever... >:)
moe84  +   2658d ago
I'd have to 1/2 agree with you. I usually made short work of him. However, much like the first time through, every once in a while he gave me a headache. *Shrug* I guess it depends on the level of your 2 extra party members compared to Squall.
jpod  +   2658d ago
Anyone count Warmech as a boss? Original NES he was harder than the other bosses.
LethalToxins  +   2658d ago
Yeah, he'd count. I forgot about him. He was a bloody nightmare, man. Chaos was, too, if you weren't properly leveled.
Myze  +   2658d ago
Culex was pretty tough, and he's an imaginary Final Fantasy boss. ;) (He was the optional boss in Super Mario RPG and had almost 4x the hp of the final boss)

Also, Nemesis can be added to the list from FFX, if you want to count him as a boss.

Really though, the "hardest" Final Fantasy as a game for me was Final Fantasy Tactics. Sure, if you level up your characters too much, the game is jokingly easy, such as completing the whole game playing as just Ramza, and it still being extremely easy. However, if you don't, it can become really hard. Unlike many of the other FF games, FFT is still possible by staying really low levels, and it actually takes strategy. No, it's not the hardest thing in the world, but it's actually somewhat difficult throughout the whole game, unlike the others where you have one or two difficult fight.
jpod  +   2658d ago
Haha, yea Warmech was a nightmare to fight. I hated walking down that one corridor because I didn't want to fight Warmech. When you die to Warmech, you gotta do the dungeon all over again.
LethalToxins  +   2658d ago
I found Nemesis to be too easy.

Quick Hit
Quick Hit
Quick Hit
Quick Hit
Summon Sacrifice
Quick Hit...

That strategy made him stupid easy. But then again, that's how I fought everything once I figured it out.
Homicide  +   2658d ago
Most of those bosses listed were easy.
mohib-uddin7986532  +   2658d ago
Emerald Weapon fight was EPIC !
Harry190  +   2658d ago
The Elder Wyrm
was annoying in FF12. But if you want super super hard boss fights, you need to check FF 10 or FF 10 International. FF 10 International has dark aeons in it. But if you know where to look, in the plains, if you get enough monsters, you can talk to the monster catcher/hunter thingy man. You pay him to fight monsters but he will also create composite monsters or original monsters who freaking make 500 000 hp damage with each hit(No damage limitation). Those monsters also have hp in the millions.
TheDreaM404  +   2658d ago
Is all that needs to be said. Zodiark was a real pain in the @$$.
Gun_Senshi  +   2658d ago
What about Pandemonuim?
in FFXI?

jpod  +   2658d ago
Actually they have.
kewlkat007  +   2658d ago
Ultima Weapon was a beast...unbeknownst to me at the time
I challenged this guy to a fight way to darn early...
Jager  +   2658d ago
Seymour... my god did i hate that guy... i felt like punching my tv screen everytime i saw him... probably some others in FF7 (Been awhile since i played FF7... damnit, now i want to play it again... good thing i kept those 4 disc's in safety... but i lost my first FF8 disc... damn)

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