Tom Clancy Round Up

Ubisoft is about to add another Tom Clancy title to their library tomorrow. This makes for perfect timing to round up all of the titles: including current values on eBay and Goozex, links to reviews, and a mini-discussion on the franchise and the EndWar demo.

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bgrundman3695d ago

Great analysis and very useful information. Good work!

JimmyJames703695d ago

It seems like compared to Halo and CoD, Tom Clancy and Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 got lost in the shuffle. I do understand that military guys love the franchise, but civilians pass over it. RSV did not stay on the Xbox Live Top 10 list for very long. Are the games just too difficult or are the other games just that much better? Or a little of both?

bgrundman3695d ago

The RSV games I have found to be pretty challenging even for my tastes. Plus when you add the tactics in with it, you have a game that has a pretty steep learning curve. The games are exceptional, just not for the noobs.

JimmyJames703695d ago

Yeah, I completely agree with you that the TC franchise is for hardcore gamers and casual gamers should stay away. Except Splinter Cell wasn't that difficult, but you had to discipline yourself to not kill people to get the higher scores.

bgrundman3695d ago

Is Endwar a 360 exclusive?

JimmyJames703695d ago

EndWar is available on the 360, PS3, PC, PSP, DS; they hit 'em all.

Kleptic3695d ago

yeah downloaded the PS3 demo yesterday...but haven't played it yet...too much LBP and resistance 2 beta...

killyourfm3695d ago

I wish more sites would do this, that kind of themed game round up. Nice work.

JimmyJames703695d ago

I'm starting to think that Tom Clancy is the Rodney Dangerfield of videogames, they don't get no respect.